Dry screw vacuum pump features

[Asia Fluid Network News] Dry-type screw vacuum pump, Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. Weihai Mitutoy independent research and development production, dry screw vacuum pump using a pair of screw in the pump housing for synchronous high-speed reverse rotation resulting suction and row Gas pumping equipment. Its advantages make up for the lack of oil-sealed vacuum pump, it can be said that it is an upgraded version of the oil-sealed vacuum pump. Dry screw vacuum pump Next, the main features of the dry screw vacuum pump: 1, with Roots pump, molecular pump composed of oil-free unit; 2, was pumping gas directly to the pump body, no pollution of water, no environmental pressure, gas recovery More convenient; 3, simple structure, easy maintenance; 4, working chamber and screw rotor surface with anti-corrosion coating, can adapt to harsh working conditions; 5, a single pump can be pumped from the atmosphere to 1Pa, vacuum system can be greatly simplified; 7, the water temperature on the vacuum is small, saving up to 90% or more, even without water; 8, no fuel, no drip; 9, no friction between rotating parts, According to the above analysis we can conclude that the characteristics of dry screw vacuum pump to make up for the oil-sealed vacuum pump, it was born in a vacuum pump A big blessing, with the vacuum pump in the industry continue to increase the scope of use, the research on dry screw vacuum pump should speed up the pace. Related articles: Trolley line vacuum pump Features Fixed-chip vacuum pump

Anti-magnetic: Because the ceramic bearing is non-magnetic and does not absorb dust, it can reduce the early peeling of the bearing, noise, etc., and can be used in demagnetization equipment. Precision instruments and other fields.
 Insulation Due to the high resistance of ceramic bearings, it can be protected from arc damage and can be used in various electrical equipment requiring insulation.
 self-lubricating characteristics Because of the unique oil-free self-lubricating properties of ceramic bearing materials, in the ultra-high vacuum environment, it can overcome the problem that ordinary bearings can not achieve lubrication.
High-speed ceramic bearing has the advantages of cold resistance, small elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight and small friction coefficient. It can be applied to high-speed spindles of 12000 rpm/-75000 rpm and other high speeds. In precision equipment;

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