Matters needing attention when extruding 6082 aluminum alloy profiles

[China Aluminum Network] We need to grasp these two major points when extruding 6082 aluminum alloy profiles: 1. Aluminum alloy cast rod heating method 2. Aluminum profile extrusion method. Next, we will learn more about the specific issues that need attention in these two major points.

Aluminum alloy cast rod heating method

a. The heating time is short, and it can reach about 500°C within 3 minutes;

b, extrusion temperature control is accurate, the error does not exceed ± 3 °C.

If heated slowly with a resistance furnace, precipitation of Mg2Si phase will occur, affecting the strengthening effect.

2, aluminum extrusion method

a, 6082 alloy deformation resistance, casting rod temperature should be biased (480-500 °C);

b, aluminum extrusion mold temperature should also be high;

c. In order to prevent shrinking or bubbles, oxide scales, impurities involved, pressure should be left longer;

d, to make the main strengthening phase of the alloy Mg2Si completely solid solution, it must be ensured that the quenching temperature above 500 °C, solid extruded extrusion outlet temperature should be controlled at 500-530 °C;

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