Redwood home strong return

Immediately after the end of the year, the mahogany home has settled in the home market after a period of time, and the mahogany home industry is like a tumbler. When it is about to fall, it will return with its own advantages.

The cultural connotation of mahogany household products has not been well played

However, the mahogany home industry has only played one-side advantages since its birth, while the cultural connotation on the other hand has been suppressed. I have to admit that today's mahogany home can be loved by consumers, the most important is its potential investment value, people are keen on mahogany raw materials rather than mahogany home itself. As a result, the development of mahogany home has fallen into a deformed state.

This state can naturally maintain the redwood market in the home furnishing industry when the resources of redwood raw materials are abundant. However, in the period when the shortage of raw materials is more serious, the market value of mahogany homes will be more precious because of scarcity, but consumers who can buy mahogany homes by then will be able to purchase them. It will be less and less. For consumers with purchasing power, their status must be non-rich and expensive. The investment in wood resources with mahogany homes is not enough to raise the interest of their purchase. Only mahogany homes with both materials and culture can match their social status. Will get the favor of such consumers.

The mahogany home culture is not detrimental to the market value

Today, the reason for the rebound in the mahogany home market is that the price of rosewood has fallen back to a relatively flat price. Investors buy at low prices and wait until the price rises in the future. The prosperity of the mahogany home hides huge hidden dangers. Once the mahogany becomes a rare resource, the sales of mahogany households are decreasing day by day. It is difficult for investors to borrow the mahogany home to collect funds, and the investment function is lost. If the mahogany home cannot use culture to make up for the missing If the market value is inevitable, it will be derogated.

At this stage, the cultural connotation of mahogany furniture has been neglected by enterprises. This situation is not conducive to the development of the industry. Under the circumstances that the market environment is still good, the home culture of Hongmumen is promoted and the foundation of long-term development of enterprises is established.

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