Graphene will replace Kevlar for body armor

Graphene will replace Kevlar for body armor

Graphene is an electronic material with great potential. Scientists around the world are studying this material to find the right application. One of the research groups studying the use of graphene has nothing to do with electronic science. The research team is studying the use of graphene as a component of body armor. Today, body armor is usually made of aramid and other materials.

American researchers tested graphene by emitting tiny silica spheres. The thickness of the graphene sheet used in this experiment was only one atom thick. They found that graphene absorbs impact forces stronger than steel. The researchers used an electron microscope to take a snapshot of the impact of silica spheres on graphene.

The researchers found that silica spheres strike graphene with a thickness of 10 to 100 layers. Graphene is stretched into a pyramid shape and consumes impact energy. Then cracks appear in all directions.

The results show that graphene can withstand 8-10 times the impact force of steel, but cracking and cracking is a problem encountered when using graphene alone on body armor. This material will form a kind of compound with other materials. The material is used to prevent cracking.

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