Roots vacuum pump parameters

As we describe some of the features of a Roots vacuum pump, we often compare these parameters to those of other products, and we often refer to these special points as parameters. Through these parameters we can learn more about product features and characteristics. Next mainly introduces the relevant parameters of Roots vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump 1, Roots vacuum pump pumping capacity: Vacuum pump pumping capacity units are Pam3 / s or Pal / s. It refers to the pump inlet gas flow. 2, Roots vacuum pump ultimate pressure: Pump ultimate pressure unit is Pa, is the pump at the entrance with a standard test cover and work according to the provisions of the conditions, without the introduction of normal gas work tends to the lowest stable pressure. 3, Roots vacuum pump maximum working pressure: The maximum working pressure of the vacuum pump unit is Pa, referring to the maximum amount of suction inlet pressure. It has the characteristic that at this pressure, the pump can work continuously without deterioration or damage. 4, Roots vacuum pump starting pressure: vacuum pump starting pressure unit is Pa, refers to the pump without damage and start pumping pressure when the role. 5, Roots vacuum pump compression ratio: compression ratio refers to the pump for a given gas outlet pressure and inlet pressure ratio. 6, Roots vacuum pump pressure before the stage: vacuum pump unit before the pressure unit is Pa, refers to the exhaust pressure below one atmosphere of the vacuum pump outlet pressure 7, Roots vacuum pump maximum pressure before the stage: Is Pa, which means more pressure than the previous pressure that can damage the pump. 8, Roots vacuum pump pumping coefficient: The actual pumping speed of the pump and the molecular inlet of the diarrhea calculated by the ratio of the theoretical pumping speed. With the further development of the vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump research and development and use more widely, its role in the industry more and more important. For the further study of its relevant parameters for the development of the industry is a very important issue. Because China's market demand continues to increase, Roots vacuum pump parameters more and more attention by everyone. Related articles: Trim line vacuum pump parameters Spray valve vacuum pump parameters

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