Luxury style tile classification

Today's tiles are different from the traditional tiles in terms of performance and style. Especially for luxury style tiles, this style of tiles may not only meet the basic functional applications of modern people. Also, to meet the needs of modern people for decorative styles, there are some classifications for this type of tiles. I don’t know if you have ever understood this aspect. Let’s take a brief look at this luxury. Style tile classification.

First, shocking and popular

This type of tile belongs to one of the luxury tile classifications, which has many characteristics for this type of tile, such as the boldness of the color, the gold and black, and There are bright green and purple red, which are not common in the color of the tile. The color is very good, but when you choose this type of tile, you need to match the surrounding environment. This type of tile is better in terms of expressiveness. .

Second, lively and aggressive

This type of tile is more about the sense of the times, mainly in the design of the pattern mainly wrinkle, and also in the color tone of the tile will usually use some wine red or dark blue, etc., and this style The tile can adjust the color of the interior lighting under the concave and convex line design, showing a three-dimensional sense that people can feel stronger. In the crowd of people who choose to adapt, the younger person is the main one, which can highlight the younger The lively character of man.

Third, gentle female type

There are many types of women's tiles in the various categories of luxury tiles, such as the soft pink blue or pink in the design of the tile color, as well as the design of the pattern. The design of the feathers is so suitable for the female friends' preference, so this kind of luxury tiles is used in different categories for different people and ages.

Fourth, nostalgic conservative

This type of luxury tile may be closer to the traditional tile color in color, but it has great advantages in terms of performance. Unlike previous tiles, it has added many technical points in performance. Said that this luxury tile is more suitable for use in some mature people in the use of people.

The above is the classification of luxury style tiles. When you choose this style of tile, you can choose the right type according to your age and the surrounding environment. I hope everyone can choose the style that they are satisfied with, and they can satisfy everyone. Decorative requirements and effects. [Follow the WeChat public number " Jiuzheng Ceramics Network" ; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng ceramics network exchange group: 80123558 】

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