Guys bike fall mask metal barbed face stitches two hundred needles

Xiao Zhu was supervised at a construction site in Maqun because he lived in Jiangning Dongshan and had to ride an electric car to and from work every day. Dust on the road, he specifically purchased an anti-fog mask, but never expected that the metal strips in the mask made him suffer: on the evening of March 27, he fell home while riding his bike. The sharp metal strips in the mask penetrated the face, and the nose, lips, and chin were scratched. About 200 needles were sewn to the hospital.

Accident playback

The guy fell and was stabbed by a metal strip in a mask

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw Xiao Zhu who was already at work. He still wore a large mask because the wound was not healed.

Xiao Zhu told reporters that at 9:00 PM on March 27th, he rode home from the construction site. After passing through Jiangning Donglu Road, the electric car was caught by a well that was not well-covered. He fell to the ground all at once.

This embarrassment made Xiao Zhu suffer. In order to prevent haze, he wore a mask when riding a bike. After falling, the nose clip metal strips in the mask pierce the face.

At that time, he got up from the ground and touched his mouth. It was all blood, but he felt no pain. He picked up the electric car, covered his mouth with a napkin, and went alone to the Jiangning People's Hospital. After checking the doctor, he told him, "You are not hurt very much. You can't get it here. Go quickly to the professional Nanjing Stomatological Hospital."

When Xiao Zhu hit the Stomatological Hospital, it was already one o'clock in the morning. When Zhu Xiaozhu was seen, the doctor was taken aback. It turned out that his face was bloody and accompanied by many irregular wounds. The doctor analyzed that when Xiao Zhu fell from the electric car, his face was facing down and his strength was high. The metal strips on both sides of the nose wing were stabbed in multiple parts of his face under the action of external forces. Subsequently, Xiaozhu was pushed onto the operating table and sewed almost 200 needles.

Wang Yuxin, the attending physician at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the hospital, introduced Xiao Zhu's multiple facial lacerations from the right side of the nose to the left side of the nasal column to the left side of the nose, extending to the side of the nose to 1.5 cm for contusion and laceration; Split; ankle 8 cm straight wound; lower lip to jaw, Y-shaped laceration. After the operation, Xiaozhu was transferred to the ward for anti-inflammatory treatment and was discharged for 5 days. The doctor told him that it takes half a year for the scar on his face to disappear.

Yesterday, Xiao Zhu told reporters that the “what happened” mask was bought by colleagues from the Internet. Each of the three yuan was transferred to him. The reporter saw that the N95 mask was marked with the brand and model name in English and Chinese: "In line with China GB2626-2006 KN95 and Australia / New Zealand 1716 P1 standards." The upper edge of the mask has a silver metal strip that is nearly 9 centimeters long. The corners are rough and have a knife-cut feel.

Where is the mask produced? What's the manufacturer's name? Xiao Zhu said to herself in a confused way: "I didn't know if the mask had been marked. I didn't know a few dollars. I bought it when I bought it. I thought that would happen."

Reporter experiment

Anti-fog mask metal material, hidden "machine front"

In order to prevent the deformation of masks, at present, many of the masks on the market are embedded with metal strips. How are their safety factors? Yesterday, the reporter purchased 5 anti-fog masks and found that the hardness of the embedded metal is not the same.

No. 1 mask

Xiaoju's "Official Mask"

Place of purchase: Online shop

Price: 3 yuan / month

Comfort: tightly fitting after putting on the face, not too breathable

Nasal clamp material: metal strips, length 8 cm, width 0.5 cm

Sharpness: The edge feels a clear cut, sharper

The experiment process: A4 printing paper is stamped vertically downwards with a metal strip, one sheet of paper is stamped and broken once, two sheets of paper are poked twice, three sheets of paper are poked three times and the paper is not broken, and the metal strip is bent.

Risk Index: ★★★★

No. 2 mask

Metal strips poke two A4 sheets

Place of purchase: Guanghua Gate Pharmacy

Price: 15 yuan / month

Comfort: Very poor air permeability after wear, short and tight elastic band, uncomfortable

Nasal clamp material: metal strips, length 8 cm, width 0.5 cm

Sharpness: The edge is smooth, not very sharp, but hard

Experimental procedure: A4 printing paper is poked vertically downwards with a metal strip. One sheet and two pieces of paper are pricked once. Three sheets are pricked for the third time but the metal strip is also bent at the same time.

Risk Index: ★★★★★

No. 3 mask

Metal bar head is very sharp

Where to buy: Community Building Materials Store

Price: 5 yuan/a

Comfort: Poor air permeability after wearing, there is a plastic taste, and facial fit

Nasal clamp material: metal strips, length 8 cm, width 0.5 cm

Sharpness: There is a clear sense of cut on the edges, the head is very sharp, not polished

Experimental procedure: A4 printing paper was poked vertically downwards with a metal strip. One sheet and two sheets of paper were very easily punctured. When three sheets of paper were bent, the metal strips were bent.

Risk Index: ★★★★★

No. 4 mask

Touch the metal bar with needle pain

Place of purchase: Baixin Pharmacy

Price: 9.8 yuan/package, a total of 5

Comfort: good air permeability, but very poor fit with the face

Nasal clamp material: white strips, 9 cm long, 3 cm wide, the clerk called a metal strip

Sharpness: The head is sharp and there is a pain in the needle

Experimental procedure: Punch the A4 paper vertically downwards with a metal strip, which is extremely flexible.

Risk Index: ★★

No. 5 mask

Two steel needles on the edge of the mask

Place of purchase: Confucius Temple Market

Price: 10 yuan / month

Comfort: There is a pungent odor, air permeability, poor face fit

Metal material: Shear the edge of the opening hood, two 6-cm-long steel needles are wrapped with rubber, and the steel needle tip is exposed.

Sharpness: The tip is very sharp and there is a sense of needle touch

The experiment process: A4 paper is stamped vertically with a steel needle and three sheets of paper are poked.

Risk Index: ★★★★★

No. 6 mask

The tip of the steel needle is exposed

Place of purchase: Confucius Temple Market

Price: 1.2 yuan / month

Comfort: Odor, poor air permeability, poor face fit

Metal material: A 7 cm long steel needle is wrapped in rubber and the tip of the steel needle is exposed.

Sharpness: The tip is very sharp and there is a sense of needle touch

During the experiment, the A4 paper was stamped vertically with a steel needle, and both papers were poked. When the paper was stamped with 3 sheets, the steel needles were bent.

Risk Index: ★★★★

Call the national standard

Dust mask technology standards are expected to be introduced next year

With the increasing number of haze days, masks have become commonplace for people. Is there a wide range of civilian masks on the market that have uniform safety technical standards?

The reporter learned that there is no corresponding national standard for PM2.5 dust masks used by ordinary consumers. Now, masks for sale on the market have different production and implementation standards. For example, some implement corporate standards, while others implement the national standard GB2626-2006 "Respiratory protective equipment - Self-priming filter type particulate respirator". The national standard is aimed at industrial dust masks to protect workers and prevent occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis and chronic poisoning caused by the air pollutants produced during work entering the human body through the respiratory tract.

According to Lu Bing, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Special Security Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the "PM2.5 dust mask technical standards" drafted by their center has been submitted to the National Standardization Management Committee for review and is expected to be introduced next year. "Standard" mentioned that the structural design of the mask should meet the requirements, should not be easy to produce structural damage, "the design, composition and installation of components should not pose any danger to the user."

Relevant persons suggested that the national standard to be issued should clearly stipulate that metal strips and metal needles are not allowed to be embedded in masks. Only plastic sheets can be used, and the edge of the plastic sheet must be flattened to avoid accidental injury when wearing a mask.

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