Ten Construction Company Deploys "Safety Production Month" Campaign

In accordance with the requirements of the Notice of the National Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau of the Group on the implementation of the 2014 National “Safety Production Month” and “Safe Production Million Miles” activities, the Ten Construction Company issued a notice in recent days calling for the integration of the current year’s strict management activities. Conscientiously study and implement, and effectively implement it.

The theme of this year's "Safety Production Month" campaign is: "Intensify awareness of the red line and promote safe development." Ten Construction Company requires strengthening leadership and conscientious organization. The company set up the "safety production month" and "safety production Wanlixing" activities of the Office, all units and project departments to strengthen the organization and leadership of the activities, and carefully planned to ensure that the activities carried out effectively. The company will organize related personnel to the key engineering project site to guide the launch of "safety production month" and "safety production Wanlixing" propaganda, safety special training, security inspections, confirm the effectiveness of hidden dangers and other activities.

Ten Construction Company requested that all units should focus on “safety production month” and “safety production Wanlixing” activities as an important part of the strict management of the full staff discussion in May. From June to July, it is necessary to combine comprehensive diagnosis and combing. And analyze the key content of the problem phase, find the hidden dangers around them, formulate rectification measures, and carry out reforms. From August to December, we will focus on governance of issues and establishment of regulations.

Ten Construction Co., Ltd. requested that serious investigations should be conducted to eliminate potential hazards in a timely manner and that field operations should be carried out in depth to “seven thoughts and seven quits” to further implement the “implementation methods for the safety management of dry stations at the end of the day”. "Three violations", for illegal operations, we must resolutely find together, severely punish one, education. We must earnestly implement the responsibility system for production safety and decompose the HSE management responsibilities into every process and every position of construction and production. In particular, leaders at all levels and leading cadres at all levels must implement supervision and inspection at the grassroots level. The seat belts are grabbed, and practical HSE duties are practiced.

The Ten Construction Company requires careful organization of emergency drills, combined with safe production in the summer, and carefully organizing a special flood control, flood prevention, special lightning protection inspection and hidden trouble investigation, especially focusing on high altitude operations, lifting operations, and large-scale scaffolding. The implementation of safety measures for demolition work, restricted space operations, and temporary power supply operations shall be carried out in a conscientious manner, and emergency rescue materials shall be provided. To participate fully, actively carry out environmental protection propaganda and education activities, actively organize various forms of safety propaganda and education activities, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of safe production.

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