Safe is the starting point every day

As of April 24, the Dongying Crude Oil Storage Base of Shengli Oilfield, which was put into operation in 1986, has been operating safely for 10,000 days. In the "Secure Voices," Master Li Jiankun, who had just retired, rewritten his words for his colleagues: If you are safe today, it does not mean that you will be safe tomorrow.

The short 13-character words reveal the safety responsibility of oil tankers who carved in bone marrow, and also pointed out the secrets of long-term safe production of oil depots.

12810 risk points are monitored without leaving blind spots

Safety officer Zhao Zhengang enters the oil depot half an hour in advance. The first thing is routine inspection. This is the habit that he has not been able to strike for many years.

Nearly 300 fire extinguishers, 26 fire boxes, 21 fire cannons and nearly 100 fire hydrants on the site of the reservoir area are the focus of his daily inspections. The 330,000 square meter oil depot has his footprints everywhere. "If you let go of a detail, it may cause an accident." Zhao Zhengang did not dare to slack off.

As the heart and operational center of Shengli Oilfield, there are 14 large-scale oil storage tanks in Dongying crude oil storage, 350 sets of equipment and facilities, 12810 risk monitoring points, and 105 per capita, making it difficult to manage.

In this regard, the Dongying Crude Oil Storage Bank has been rigorously managed to form a "safety monitoring network for all personnel, all-around, full-process, and full-time prevention and control." They classified 12810 risk points into three categories of “A, B, and C” according to the degree of danger, and adopted three-fold coverage monitoring of on-the-job workers, on-duty shift officers, and on-duty cadres.

In the 32 production positions, each security monitoring point and 360 standard specifications are clearly defined. The employees are inspected once every hour. The duty supervisor checks once every two hours, and the on-duty cadres perform inspections every four hours.

Oil storage tanks are key key facilities and the oil depot implements "triple hard management". In each class, the measurement worker checks the safety accessories of at least three tanks; every day, members of the branch conduct inspections of the reservoir area and critical positions more than two times a day; each month, eight technical cadres check the operating status and existence of oil tanks. Question, 6 members of the branch team evaluate the inspection situation.

In one year, the on-duty cadre and production backbone inspection tour is equivalent to a 25,000-mile Long March, and the cumulative height of the tanks for the 4 teams is equivalent to 8 Everest climbs.

Zero mistakes in thousands of operations, 10,000 data errors

In the process of a night inspection, the flow meter Gang Ai found that the front bearing noise of the running No. 5 oil supply pump was large. After inspection, it was found that the clamp was broken due to bearing quality problems. Therefore, emergency stop pump measures were taken to avoid one. Field axis accident occurred.

Years of safety experience has allowed oil tank employees to develop the habit of “getting a few more legs and asking a few more questions”.

The Dongying crude oil library process is frequently switched. If one wrong button or one wrong mouse button is mistakenly operated, it will affect the safe oil and oil sales of the entire oil field. Xu Shuqing, director of the oil depot, said: "We cannot afford to do anything wrong! We must make zero mistakes in thousands of operations, and there must be no mistakes in thousands of data."

The clearer the responsibilities, the more standardized the behavior, the more efficient the execution can be. Over the years, Dongying Crude Oil Refinery has developed a set of "five-step process switching methods" that suits its own characteristics. It has strict instructions, careful checking, careful simulation, careful operation, and careful inspection. Every stage has defined the responsibilities and standards of each level. .

Not only is the process switching, the oil depot has produced “video tutorials for standardized operation items” in each post, and has compiled “Practical Skills Operation Manual for Post Skills”.

In Dongying crude oil storage, safety has become a culture. Into the oil depot, there is a "required for safe storage" reminder; enter the production area, there is a "safe, every day is a new starting point," the signboard guide; shift classes, to carry out a daily education; desk, "safe desk calendar" illustrations Open the computer and log on to the online security knowledge answering platform to learn at any time.

In addition, the oil depot also set up security exposure "exposure table", the implementation of the value of "safety supervisors" to carry out "find the top ten hidden dangers", the organization of the keynote speech contest, safety board newspaper appraisal, security star appraisal and other activities, so that "zero point every day "The concept of security is truly in the heart.

“Evaluation of Safety E”, Science and Technology Helps Safety

“We have three A-grade inspection sites. We only need to carry the intercom to do the RBI. If there is an inspection site that is missed, the electronic inspection system will prompt me that it is convenient and time-saving.” Chen Xi, a pump employee, praised the "Wireless Intelligent Electronic Inspection System." "This is an 'artifact' for security inspection!"

Relying on the information platform, Dongying Crude Oil Storage has established a “safety E-system” system, and passed the “five steps and one review” process management that includes “work arrangements, process planning, quality supervision, information feedback, review and acceptance, and timely evaluation” The management and control center will implement it so that each work can be arranged, implemented, supervised, feedbacked, evaluated, and rectified.

"Electrical management, process traces, and real-time evaluation" are the main features of the "Evaluation of Safety E". In the past, employees could not inquire about issues that were not inspected. Today, they can not only inquire about the patrolling status of employees on the job, but also check the status of on-duty cadres. Through the GIS electronic map, the inspection time, inspection site, and the patrol staff's dynamics are clear.

Not only inspection intelligence, the oil depot also established a video surveillance system, implemented automatic control of process flow, automatic high-pressure control of fire protection systems, long-distance pipeline leakage monitoring and other prevention and control measures, installed a "predictive lightning system in the reservoir area", "Electronic fence prevention and control system" and so on.

Before science and technology go further, hidden dangers fall back by ten steps. Five sets of advanced digital management systems, six integrated management information platforms, and employees' own R&D-designed safety management systems cover all aspects of the total station management work, achieving “a little mouse, equipment operation; square screen, monitoring "Baiping" provides a full range of protection for the long-term safe operation of oil depots.

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1. Product introduction

   Coal-based water purification Granular Activated Carbon with high quality Anthracite as raw material. The product used high temperature water vapor by crushing or screening and post processing. It has a larger surface area, developed pore structure, good adsorption performance, high strength, resistant to washing and other characteristics. Coal-based water purification granular Activated Carbon has strong adsorption ability for free chlorine and harmful gas in the air and all kinds of water, also is good for drinking water purification. Coal-based water purification granular activated carbon is generally recycled carbon, which contains trace amounts of heavy metals, generally widely used in industrial sewage purification.

2. Application

a. Coal-based water purification granular activated carbon used for water treatment, chemical pigment electronic factory, food factory,  waste gas treatment plant and biological carrier, landfill, seawater aquaculture breeding and other fields.

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3. Process  

   Coal-based water purification granular activated carbon with high quality anthracite as raw material, it produced by high temperature steam, and by carbonization, activation, crushing and sieving process.

4. Transportation and Packing

    Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg can also be packaged according to customer demand. The product should be placed in a cool and dry place during storage; When transportation, it prevents to mixed with hard materials, to prevent carbon particles broken that affecting the quality of packaging, to prevent breakage. To avoid leakage or mixed with debris; to avoid water, oil and fire.


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