LED "inflated" tubes make lamps simple

The German designer Theo M ller originally wanted to design a light that could fly. He hoped that the heat from the light would provide thermal power for the flight, but he failed. However, the result turned a turn, this attempt gave birth to another inflatable LED lamp design, the plastic blow light (Blow lamp) was born.

The strip-shaped gas-filled tube is made of PE material, and as long as the valve port at one end of the tube is inflated, it can expand like a balloon, and the valve port is automatically closed once the air pressure in the tube reaches a certain value. The lamp is lined with an aluminum coating. Once the built-in strip LED tube is energized, its lining can reflect light and create a warm concentrating brightness.

The biggest difference between this kind of LED light and traditional light fixture is that it can be filled and deflated like a balloon, which greatly enhances its flexibility. Once energized, it can be illuminated as a table lamp, or as long as a small magnet is placed inside the tube, it can be attached directly to the surface of any metal material, which of course can be hung in a hug on the ceiling or wall. In addition, as long as the gas in the lamp tube is turned off after being powered off, the lamp can be contracted and curled for storage and storage.

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