Heat pump seal structure which

Hot oil pump seal structure in the following ways: (1) single-end seal: the use of flushing, flushing fluid for about 100 ° C by the second-line wax, the pressure higher than the sealed cavity 0.05 ~ 0.15Mpa. Gattern outside with hot water (soft water) for rapid cooling. Generally can use a cycle (ten months). (2) metal bellows machine seal: compact structure, easy installation, in the case of the same auxiliary system, life expectancy of 2 to 3 times the normal seal. (3) double-end machine seal: the use of circular washing, plus external cooling, life is single 1.5-2 times. (4) The choice of hard and soft friction pairs (YG6 / YG8, SiC / SiC, etc.), for high viscosity, medium containing a small amount of solid particles or crystallization of media, with good results.

Titanium Plate with a surface of the oxide film is equivalent to a good wear-resistant. the use of titanium seed plate can save the separation agent and easy to strip plate, eliminating the kind of pre-treatment process. Meanwile, titanium plate is the half weight of Copper plate. Titanium alloys has been extensively used for the manufacturing of metal orthopedic joint replacements and bone plate surgeries. They are normally produced from wrought or cast bar stock by CNC, CAD-driven machining, or powder metallurgy production. Each of these techniques comes with inherent advantages and disadvantages. Wrought products come with an extensive material loss during machining into the final shape of the product and for cast samples the acquirement of a product in its final shape somewhat limits further processing and treatment (e.g. precipitation hardening), yet casting is more material effective. Traditional powder metallurgy methods are also more material efficient, yet acquiring fully dense products can be a common issue.

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