Which is better for the bathroom ventilator?

First, natural (non-power) bathroom ventilator

â–  Ventilation principle: The indoor air is regulated by natural wind pressure or hot pressing.

Natural (non-powered) bathroom ventilator

â– Features:

Advantages: It is installed above and below the window frame, without pipeline installation and can purify the air and reduce outdoor noise within a certain range, and the cost is low.

Disadvantages: Depending on the local climate, the outdoor air quality requirements are high, and the ventilation and dust removal functions cannot be maximized at the same time.

â– Design features:

The ventilation is satisfactory and the installation, use and maintenance are convenient; the airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation and appearance color should be satisfied; the combination with the window frame can play an anti-theft function, and pay attention to the difference of the upper and lower installation structures.

Second, the power bathroom ventilator

â–  Definition:

Power ventilation is also called mechanical ventilation. It is based on the indoor design and the human body's demand for air (ie, the human-indoor system), and the air is flowed by the action of the fan to achieve the ventilation and ventilation of the bathroom.

Power bathroom ventilator

â– Features:

The ventilation and ventilation time are adjustable; it can be switched between natural and power ventilation modes; it needs to consume a certain amount of energy; it can filter the air very finely and install negative ion generating device;

Third, curtain wall bathroom ventilator

â–  Definition:

The curtain wall is designed for energy saving and decoration. The curtain wall with toilet ventilator is called a ventilated curtain wall. It uses the chimney effect principle to solve the energy saving problem functionally.

â– Features:

The outer surface of the ventilated curtain wall can be made of colorless transparent glass or low-reflection glass, which can also minimize the light pollution caused by the reflection of the glass. The sound-proof curtain wall has good sound insulation and can maintain a quiet environment in the room; no matter the weather is good. No need to open the window for the bad, the ventilation layer can directly transfer the natural air to the room, provide fresh air to the room, improve the comfort of the room, and reduce the disadvantages brought by the air conditioning equipment.

Curtain wall (window type) bathroom ventilator

â– Application:

Curtain wall bathroom ventilators are mainly used for curtain walls of large buildings, such as hotels, residences, office buildings, business buildings, schools, villas, apartments, etc., and can be used with natural toilet ventilators or powered toilet ventilators, In addition to improving air quality, the central air-conditioning of the building can also save energy, especially in spring and autumn.


The carbon and graphite materials are non-metallic solid materials dominated by carbon, wherein the carbon materials are substantially composed of non-graphitic carbon, and the graphite materials are substantially composed of graphitic carbon. Not only graphite, but also all diamonds, fullerenes, and carbenes are called carbon materials.


Property: Lightweight, porous, conductive, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, lubricity, high temperature strength, heat resistance, thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, low elasticity, high purity, processability.


Classification: Carbon products can be classified into graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes, and carbon according to product applications.

Carbon materials Electrodes, pastes, electrocarbons, carbon fibers, specialty graphites, graphite heat exchangers, etc. Graphite electrode type can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrodes according to the allowable current density. High power electrode, ultra high power electrode. Carbon blocks can be divided into blast furnace carbon blocks, aluminum carbon blocks, and electric furnace blocks according to their purposes. Carbon products can be divided into carbon products, graphite products, carbon fibers and graphite fibers according to the depth of processing. Carbon products can be divided into graphite products, carbon products, carbon fibers, and special graphite products, depending on the raw materials and production processes. Carbon products can be classified into ash products and ash products (having ash content less than l%) according to the ash content.

The upstream enterprises in the carbon industry mainly include: 1. Calcined enterprises of anthracite; 2. Coal tar processing and production enterprises; 3. Petroleum coke production and calcining enterprises.



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