Learn about gas masks and air respirator wear

Learn about gas masks and air respirator wear Gas masks and air respirator, there are still many common ground between these two kinds of protective tools, in particular, there are many similarities in the way the full face mask is worn. With regard to the scientific method of wearing gas masks, the following Hengyuan gas masks will tell you the formal and perfect gas mask wearing procedures.

First, to wear gas masks, you must first quickly remove your head, because many times if we do not pay attention to the science of full-face masks, it is very easy to cause damage to the full-face masks. The ultimate harm is our own body. Healthy, and the other side of the air respirator behind the human body, then we must adjust the entire shoulder strap, so that the shoulder belt can be stable, to maintain the stability of the entire body, which is also a key aspect.

Secondly, wearing a gas mask also requires that the full-face mask be placed on its own chest so that it can be worn at any time during the crisis.

Third, when we wear gas masks, we should take deep breaths. When we hold our breath and exhale, we must ensure that the entire mask is tightened so that the full face mask fits well with the person’s forehead and face. airtight. When wearing a full face mask, do not overtighten the laces and feel comfortable on the face. There is no obvious tenderness. After the full face mask and the person's forehead and face are well-fitted and airtight, take a deep breath and the intake valve of the supply valve should be automatically opened.

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