Introduction of ice cultivating artificial breeding method

Introduction of ice cultivating artificial breeding methods :

Ice flower breeding technology

Breed with sowing or rooting. The seeds mature from mid-May to early June, and the mature seeds are easy to fall off and should be harvested in time. It can be broadcast in autumn, or the seed sand can be stored in the next spring. The seedlings grow slowly. In the same year, two cotyledons are usually produced. After that, normal leaves are grown year by year, and flowering can take place in about 5 years. Roots can be propagated in spring, summer and autumn, with the best in autumn. Plants with more stems or dormant buds were selected and cut into sections, each of which was carried with ground stems or dormant buds, and then transplanted.

Ice flower management points

Potted plants should be densely planted, usually in the late autumn basin, the basin soil needs to be mixed with more humus. When planted, the dormant buds should be level with the soil surface. After planting, put it in the shade of the outdoor place, and put the sawdust or buds around the flower pot so that it can be taken out at any time. If you want to enjoy the flowers in winter, you can move the flower pots to the 00C-50C cold room for 1 day to 2 days, then move to the room of 15 °C-20t, put it in the light, and it will sprout in about 10 days to 12 days. It is bud and flowering.

Ice flower cultivation method

A method for cultivating side marigold flowers, characterized in that: the selected land is sand loam with PH=(7-8) and organic matter content greater than 2%, and the base fertilizer is a compound fertilizer or a mixture of potassium sulfate fertilizer and diammonium sulfate, each 5.3 liters of 3% mil granules (1.5-1.7) kg can be used for cultivation. The cultivation mode can be carried out by live or seedling transplanting in Daejeon. The seeding depth of the field is (0.5-1) cm, and the seedling cultivation area is 1 mu. 100 square meters, sprayed with azoxystrobin bactericide when growing the first pair of true leaves, and then rotated a mixture of prochloraz and cyproterone for 2-3 times every 15 days, the seedlings are long When transplanting (1-10) to true leaves, when the seedlings grow to 8 leaves, apply (4-5) Kg of urea per acre, and weeding can be done by manual weeding or chemical weeding.

It can be used as a flower bed, a flower path, a grass edge or a rock garden. It can also be potted and ornamental. The whole grass is medicinal and has the effect of clearing heat and releasing fire.

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