The price discount is ten times more than the floor price difference

The price is further discounted ten times the floor price difference Recently, many consumers have reported that the current floor market chaos, especially the price, obviously style, material, workmanship is almost the same, the price is very different, some of the same style floor and even the difference of up to several times, where is the tricky what?

In the past two years, well-known floor brands such as Anxin and Yihua have frequently exposed quality problems. Especially after the flooring market entered the reshuffle period, various problems that had not been noticed before were exposed. The more complaints related to flooring quality, the more More and more, it also increases consumers' doubts about the safety of wooden flooring.

In order to protect the interests of consumers, relevant departments in various regions have stepped up the rectification of the quality of flooring products. However, due to the fact that there is still no standard and standard product price system in the flooring market, some businesses use their hands and feet to quantify material prices. The situation happens from time to time.

Recently, many consumers have reported that the current floor market chaos, especially the price, obviously style, material, workmanship is almost the same, the price is very different, some of the same style floor and even the difference of up to several times, where is the tricky what?

The price level is further discounted, and low-floor floor frequency is now sold. This year's May 1st, Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Huizhou major home store promotions are unprecedented, regardless of the store, a variety of discount information, colorful promotional ads everywhere, in the people In the dazzling number of promotional advertisements, "lower floors of 69 yuan / sq m" and "special offer series solid wood flooring 50 yuan / square meter" and other low-priced floor advertisements are particularly attractive.

With the arrival of the hot summer weather, the home building materials market has quietly entered the off-season. The reporter visited several urban building materials markets in the city and found that, in the absence of large-scale promotional activities under the premise of festive occasions, businesses usually do not play promotional advertising or shopping guides. Information, however, as long as the consumers “ask more questions and spend more time”, the sales staff of the store will still use the offer list and the computer to give the customer a discount that is only available during the holiday promotion period to attract consumers to purchase.

So, since merchants will give consumers a not-too-low discount, why are businesses not directly marking real prices?

"Now there is no activity, the price is higher, the space for customers to bargain is also a little bigger, and the customers will feel comfortable when they buy it." The sales person in charge of running a certain brand of flooring in the urban area told reporters that the home building materials market is almost All products will be priced up and then sold at a discount. Only some well-known brands are sold at the listed price. This is an unwritten unspoken rule in the industry, and discounts at different times will be different.

"If you want to buy it, it's better to buy it recently. The same product will rise in price over time. The next round of price reduction promotion is 'Eleven', but the price will not be lower now." In another floor brand In the store, the sales staff stated that all the furniture products in the store had a 50% discount. Even during the “May 1st” and “11th” holidays, the discounts did not change much.

The reporter saw on the sample sheets of multiple floor products sold in the store that the actual marked price was not a 50% discount. If the amount purchased by the customer is large, the discount rate can also be increased on a 50% basis.

Later, when the reporter visited a number of floor stores also found that the price tag is rather confusing, most floor shops have a relatively clear indication of the floor price, but similar to the above, discount promotions seem to have become a routine for each store behavior.

10 times the floor price difference with the same paragraph, "sample" easy to confuse "I looked at several brands of the same material of the wooden floor, obviously style, material, workmanship are almost the same, the price is very different, I really do not know how to choose." Recently, prepared for Mr. Wang, who bought solid wood flooring in a new home, encountered a headache. During the purchase process, he found that the same style or even the same brand of solid wood flooring, because of different materials, the price difference is very poor; and the same material of the floor, because the brand Differently, their prices are very different.

Reporters also found in the visit, the same is a solid wood floor, in different home stores selling prices are completely different, the price from 100 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan range, some consumers in the purchase of different materials and different prices of solid wood flooring also appears to be somewhat I do not know what to do.

“I always thought that the solid wood floor was the best. I went through a few laps and found that there were so many doors. But we ordinary consumers, how do we know which price is reasonable, cheap or good?” Ms. Liang, who has bought solid wood flooring in a store in the city's Sanhuan Decoration City, said that for the average person, it is impossible to tell whether the various floors in the home building materials store are good or bad, and most brands have introduced their own uniqueness. The material, some of the wood species of solid wood flooring even claimed to be imported, all take the floor material as a propaganda weapon.

For such a big price difference in the floor market, a storefront manager who has been operating the floor business for many years revealed to reporters that the floor materials are different in variety and different in their preciousness. The prices will of course be different. Among the many factors that determine floor prices, The quality of the material directly determines the price as high as 90%.

In addition, the reporter also found during the visit, in addition to different prices caused by different materials, there is a special offer to buy flooring products - samples. The reporter learned from a floor brand shop that businesses operating floors will occasionally organize or participate in exhibition activities. Samples have become the “sacrifices” for exhibition activities. For this reason, traders often use the unfinished floor at the exhibition site as a special product. sell.

“This product is a compliant product that has undergone a formal inspection and is not damaged. If it can be sold to you at a low price.” Sales staff said that because of the surplus at the show, it is sold at a low price, but the quality is guaranteed and it will not be like Like some businesses, the "sample" is confusingly sold with other products.

However, relevant industry sources stated that consumers must not simply choose to buy “samples” when they buy floor products, because if there are quality problems, the cost of replacement or maintenance will be high, so consumers should be careful. Check the product, ask for installation and aftercare services, and buy it carefully.

In contrast to the standard purchase, low-standard promotional products are carefully bought. For the average consumer, when purchasing flooring, factors such as quality, environmental protection, wear resistance, appearance, and price are the main concerns, and among these quality issues, consumption The most concerned is the problem of "formaldehyde exceeded".

As we all know, formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong irritating odor. If people live in an excessive concentration of formaldehyde for a long time, the eyes, nose, and respiratory system of a person may suffer significant damage. Therefore, the countries around the world are concerned about plywood products. The amount of formaldehyde released has set strict standards.

The reporter inquired the relevant provisions of our country learned that, in accordance with the GB18580-2001 "interior decoration materials and formaldehyde emissions of wood-based panels and their products," the standard, solid wood flooring must meet the requirements of E1 level, that is, formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5mg/ L, and must be clearly stated on the relevant product mark.

In addition to the hazards of “formaldehyde”, surface impact resistance and surface abrasion resistance are also issues that consumers need to pay attention to. The reporter consulted related industry sources learned that the surface impact resistance, for example, refers to the impact test of the floor by the prescribed method. The size of the pit diameter left after the impact is the basis for the impact performance. The smaller the diameter, the better the impact resistance and the long service life, while the poor quality of the floor surface with poor impact resistance will directly affect the service life of the floor.

So, what kind of floor is a good floor?

As early as 2004, the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee and the China Consumers’ Association Consumer Guidance Working Committee issued the “China's Laminated Flooring Consumption ***” on the well-known flooring brands in the United Nations to strengthen the floor's processing and production costs. , quality standards, etc. have made clear instructions, and detailed analysis of the operating costs of laminate flooring.

Taking 8mm laminate wood flooring as an example, the retail price should be between 65 and 69 yuan. Therefore, if the promotional floor below the price is capable of quality and quantity, there will be many doubt.

Type:Elbow / Tee / Cross / Cap / Union / Olet / Coupling / Half-coupling / Plug / Nipple / Swage Nipple / Lateral Tee
·Specification:ASME B16.11 / B36.1 / MSS-SP-97 / MSS-SP-95 / BS 3799
·Dimension:1/4" – 4"
·Pressure class:2000# / 3000# / 6000# / 9000#
·Connection facing:threaded end / plain end / socket welding end / butt welding end
·Material:1) Carbon & Alloy Steel: ASTM A105
ASTM A350: LF1/LF2 / LF3 / LF5 / LF6 / LF9 / LF787
Mss Sp-75: WPHY42 / WPHY46 / WPHY52 / WPHY60 / WPHY65 / WPHY70 /WPHY80
ASTM A515: GR.60 / GR.65 / GR.70
ASTM A516: GR.55 / GR.60 / GR.65 / GR.70
  2) Stainless Steel: ASTM A182: F304 / F304L / F304H / F316 / F316L / F317L / F321 / F321H / F347 / F347H / F51 / F53
 3) Special alloy steel: Hastelloy B-2, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy C-4, Incoloy A-286, Incoloy 800HT, Incoloy 825, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel X-750, Inconel 718, Nimonic 80A, Nimonic 90, Nimonic 93

Remark: Products can be manufactured as per client's technical requirement of type, standard, dimension, wall thickness and material.

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