How do post-crop crops prevent the phytotoxicity of long-lasting pesticides?

How do post-crop crops prevent the phytotoxicity of long-lasting pesticides:

Chemical herbicides are generally stable compounds. Because of their structural stability, there are residual effects in a period of time after use. This pesticide is a long-lasting pesticide. If you do not know the nature of the pesticide, the later crops such as sugar beet and flax are highly susceptible to phytotoxicity. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
The long-lasting pesticides currently applied to the crops are mainly caused by soybeansulfuron and Puschte. In the soybean field using soybeansulfuron, flax and beet can be planted after 4 years, and sorghum, millet, corn and wheat can be planted after 3 years. Puschte used in soybean fields in the past, and can be used to grow flax and sugar beet in 4 years. Gramineous crops such as wheat and corn should also be planted after one year. The plots of the above two pesticides should not be planted for 4 years, such as vegetables, watermelons, melons, etc., and can not be used in the bed soil of rice seedling beds. In addition, crops grown in this area in the second year after the use of chlorhexidine may have a "whitening" phenomenon, and in the third year, it is necessary to plant flax, wheat, corn, etc. after one year. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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