Interior steel door installation method Interior steel wood door purchase

Now many people will choose to decorate the interior steel doors. The exterior of the interior steel doors is a door made of steel plates. Therefore, the price will be cheaper than solid wood doors, and it is a relatively mature mid-range interior door on the market. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the installation method of interior steel doors and doors and the purchase of interior steel doors.

Indoor steel wooden door installation method

1, first of all to prepare tools, such as: hammers, nails, etc., and then in the measurement, the main measurement of door openings and door size is appropriate.

2. When installing the door frame, clean the floor, otherwise the indoor steel doors will be soiled, and then use a nail to fix the horizontal frame and the two vertical frames.

3. Fix the assembled door frame, check the work, check whether the inner corner is standard, check whether the width of the inner and outer inner space of the door frame is the same, otherwise it will affect the decoration effect.

4, after the inspection is completed, put the door frame into the door hole, the observation point and the line are not in the corresponding position, if there is no error, you can carry out fixed work.

5, next install the door, this should pay great attention to the upper and lower hinge with a nail, and then observe whether the door gap is too large or too small, check the file door and door leaf is on a horizontal plane, whether the door leaf has a tendency to fall, everything After checking, the nails can be tightened if they meet the standard. When installing the door frame and the door leaf, it must not be misplaced, otherwise the door seam will not be tight enough!

6, after the above are installed, you can install the line, the installation of the line can be determined according to the actual situation, for example, the wall is narrower than the door frame, you can use the side of the line width side against the wall, on the contrary, you can use the line to remove both sides Covering the nail bar, nailing back the line with a nail, it's easy!

7, after the installation is complete, you can try whether the next door is flexible, if you feel the door is bulky, you can try several times, after all, this is a new door.

Indoor steel doors to buy

1, packaging

When choosing the interior steel doors, it is necessary to look at the packaging. If the packaging is intact and not disassembled, the most important thing is to check if the interior steel doors are genuine or not. They do not meet certain standards.

2, products

Look for product profiles containing harmful substances, such as lead salts. Lead is a harmful substance, and it can cause great bad effects on the body after it is used for a long time, resulting in good health. Avoid this type of product when selecting products.

Editor's summary: The indoor steel door installation method and the interior steel door purchase are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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