Roof Tile Construction Requirements Roof Tile Performance

Roof tiles are a type of building material that was widely used for thousands of years. Roof tiles are the most important roofing materials. They not only play a role in sheltering and sheltering, but also have important decorative effects. With the constant emergence of modern new materials, other functions of roof tiles continue to emerge. The following small series introduces the roof tile construction requirements and roof tile performance.

Roof tile construction requirements

1. When laying roofing tiles, it is necessary to carry out a water-splash test on the roof of the roof to check whether there is water leakage before the roof tiles can be laid.

2. The tile-laying sequence of roofing and gullies shall be from bottom to top and from left to right. In order to ensure the quality of the tiles, a diagonal line should be drawn from the roof to the mouth, ie, the after line should be aligned with the lower right corner of the first tile under the roof, and the second tile in the second row and the third tile in the third row should be aligned. Until the lower right corner of the mouth tile, all in a straight line. And then from the bottom to the top paving one by one, you can achieve tile straight, neat and beautiful.

3. When laying diagonal ridges and inclined gutters, the whole roof tile should be hung up firstly. The gully tile generally covers the width of the flooding not less than 180mm, and the ink line will pop up. The excess tile surface will be sawed with a cutting machine and then pressed. The order of numbers hangs up.

4. The joint between the ridge tile and the flat tile is preferably embossed with a blade; the joint of the flat ridge is to follow the wind direction; the joint of the oblique ridge is downward, and the joint of the flat ridge and the oblique ridge is used Gray sealed.

5. The roof slopes of all roofs should be ≥65°. When the roof tiles are in construction, they must be perforated to fix the roof tiles.

Roof tile performance

1. Roof tiles should be covered tightly on the roof. Do not allow rainwater to enter the house. Therefore, it is not easy to do a good job of preventing rain and leaks. The problems of traditional tile materials, such as fragile and easily aging, make the housing leakage annoying. Until recently, a new type of roof tile developed to better solve the problem of anti-corrosion leakage.

2. Insulation: In the hot summer months, if you do not use roof tiles to insulate, the interior will be very hot. However, in the winter, if it is cold and biting, if the roof tiles do not achieve the effect of insulation, then it will feel very cold when you live at home. In order to be comfortable, the heat insulation performance of the house must be good, and the roof tiles are responsible for this responsibility. When selecting a roof tile, it is necessary to choose a tile with a thermal insulation function, and also depends on whether the lap joint design is reasonable, and the overlapping tile is not tight, and the thermal insulation effect is necessarily poor.

3, roof tiles have a long service life, unlike the old style tiles before there are fragile, easy to aging, not durable and other issues, and the renovation and maintenance of manpower and material resources. Therefore, when selecting a roof tile, do not try to use old style roof tiles for cheap, and the maintenance costs and working hours in the later period will be enormous.

4. Decoration: The roof tile has a very good decorative effect. Everyone likes to be beautiful. The roof is considered to be the coat of the house. Once it is worn, it will be worn for more than ten years. Therefore, the choice of colors in the roof tile is very important.

Editor's summary: The construction requirements of roof tiles and the performance of roof tiles are introduced here. I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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