Plastic pipe industry wants to achieve five major goals

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the plastic pipe industry still has good market opportunities, and the total volume is expected to maintain moderate growth. The “Personal Pipeline Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan” (2016-2020) Development Proposal (hereinafter referred to as “Recommendations”) issued by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee believes that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the plastic pipe industry The industrial restructuring will continue to deepen, and the elimination rate of industry reshuffle and backward production capacity will gradually accelerate. The industry development resources will gradually concentrate on enterprises with brand advantages, quality assurance and competitive strength.
Competition continues to intensify
The "Recommendations" believe that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's plastic pipe industry has achieved a historic leap and has become the country with the largest production and application of plastic pipes. The industry has maintained sustained and stable development, changing its development mode and optimizing its industrial structure. Continuous improvement in terms of improving the quality of development, broadening the application field, and improving the overall level of the industry. At the same time, technological innovation and technological advancement have become the highlights of the industry development during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, fully reflecting the increase in new products of plastic pipes, production efficiency and improvement of automation level.
The data shows that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China’s plastic pipe production increased from 8.402 million tons in 2010 to 13.8 million tons at the end of 2015, with an average annual growth rate of 10.43%, exceeding the expected development during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. aims.
The "Proposal" pointed out that while the industry has made remarkable achievements, there are still some shortcomings and problems that need to be further resolved, some of which are old problems that exist in the industry for many years. In general, the industry still pays attention to the growth rate, neglects the comprehensive benefits; pays attention to increasing production, neglects quality control; pays attention to product production, neglects engineering technology; pays attention to traditional applications, and neglects scientific and technological innovation. Specifically in the following aspects.
First, the continuous supply of production capacity exceeds demand, and market competition is further intensified. At present, the annual production capacity of plastic pipes has reached 30 million tons. The utilization rate of the overall processing equipment in the industry is low. Some enterprises' equipment has been idle for a long time, but some enterprises are still expanding their processing capacity. On the whole, the industry has experienced a serious oversupply situation, which has increased the competitive pressure of the industry.
Second, some enterprise product quality does not meet the standard requirements, affecting the industry's reputation. The quality awareness, integrity awareness, brand awareness and service awareness of individual enterprises are not strong. The product quality level in the market is uneven. In some areas, there are concentrated production of counterfeit and inferior products. The phenomenon of “cheap and low quality” still exists in the industry. Some enterprises use low-quality raw and auxiliary materials and excessive addition of fillers to reduce costs, damage the rights and interests of consumers, and ruin the reputation of the industry.
Third, the overall market environment is still not standardized. One of the main reasons for the current uneven quality of plastic pipe products is that the market is not standardized and the implementation supervision of product standards is lacking. Some buyers are not end users of the product, do not pay attention to product quality, and are more willing to purchase plastic pipe products that are not qualified at low prices. However, some high-grade, high-quality plastic pipe products are subject to price constraints, and sometimes qualified products are not recognized by the application, and they lose their market competitiveness.
Fourth, product innovation still needs to be strengthened. Some enterprises also focus on imitation products, care about the scale, do not care to do fine, do a century-old shop. The industry pays insufficient attention to the research of plastic pipe basic technology. Some enterprises have low investment in science and technology research and development, and the motivation for product innovation is insufficient. The irregularity of the application market has also caused some companies to be reluctant to invest in product innovation. Relatively speaking, the industry's similar low-end and general-purpose products account for most of the market, while high-tech, high-value-added products are relatively few.
Fifth, the quality of engineering construction needs to be further improved. Some companies only pay attention to the production of plastic pipes, ignoring the research and application services of applied technologies. Some product engineering technical standards and construction techniques are not matched. Some departments of design, construction, supervision, application, etc. still have insufficient understanding of the performance, characteristics, design, installation and other technologies of plastic pipe products. There are phenomena such as failure to install according to regulations, use of unqualified construction equipment, and brutal construction, which affects plastic pipes. Reasonable design, construction, installation and application have also caused some problems in the pipeline engineering.
Sixth, raw and auxiliary materials still affect the better development of the industry. Despite the great progress in the domestic resin and auxiliaries industry in recent years, due to limitations in processing technology, production habits and application requirements, some varieties still have shortcomings in specifications and quantity. Some varieties are not very stable in quality, and some brands are not stable. Need to rely on imports. The quality of PVC resin is further improved and the progress of diversification is relatively unsatisfactory. The development of high-performance resin such as graft modification is slow; the output and grade of HDPE compounding are relatively small, and the processing performance and product performance of some grades need to be improved; The performance improvement of PP resin varieties can not meet the demand; some processing enterprises mix some kinds of compound ingredients by themselves; the auxiliary materials such as individual masterbatch and additives have even problems in hygiene, so the further improvement of performance of pipeline products is restricted.
"Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" achieves five major goals
As the domestic economic development enters the new normal stage, the demand for plastic pipe market has gradually stabilized, and the industry has gradually changed from “high-speed development period” to “stable period” and “transition period”. Due to the continuous oversupply of production capacity, increased competition, insufficient power of scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement of production factor costs, and tight capital, the further development of the industry is constrained.
According to the "Proposal", the "13th Five-Year Plan" period is an important period in the development of the plastic pipe industry. The growth rate will further slow down, the growth rate will decline, and the competition in the industry will intensify. The industry should adapt to the new normal of macroeconomic development, adjust and optimize the industrial structure in development, strive for stability, strengthen supply-side structural reforms, focus on relevant industry exchanges and cooperation, form industrial clusters with competitive advantages, and accelerate technological innovation and technology. Progress, further strengthen the development of new products with high performance and high added value, strengthen brand building, improve quality level, and improve comprehensive competitiveness to meet the different needs of plastic pipe products in different markets and different fields. The "Proposal" puts forward the development goals of production, product structure optimization, scientific and technological progress, technical standards formulation and product quality.
Production target, during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the production volume of plastic pipes will maintain an annual growth rate of around 3%. By 2020, the output of plastic pipes in the country is expected to reach 16 million tons, of which the wading products are still the main plastic pipes. Application areas, especially the growth of municipal water supply and drainage pipelines. The average market share of plastic pipe lengths in various material pipelines is expected to exceed 55%.
Product structure optimization objectives, respond to changes in market demand, resource conditions and business environment, optimize plastic piping systems, optimize resource allocation, and eliminate low-end excess production capacity. The varieties and specifications of plastic pipe products are complete, the supporting level is significantly improved, and the overall level has reached the international advanced level. Continue to consolidate and upgrade the traditional market, broaden the application field, and develop plastic pipes with special functions for the energy and petroleum industries.
The goal of scientific and technological progress, technological innovation and technological progress will become the core driving force for the development of the industry. It is expected that innovative technology will cover 80% of products and process technologies. Relying on technological innovation and technological progress, strengthen the research of plastic piping systems, develop high-tech new products, increase the added value of products, improve engineering application technology, and promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the plastic pipe industry.
Under the principle of ensuring the applicability, advancement, uniformity and coordination of standards, it is recommended to speed up the update of current national and industry standards and improve the standard of products. Strengthen the formulation of association standards for plastic pipe related products, and form a complete association group standard system as soon as possible to achieve full coverage of product standards; the association group product standards should pay attention to pipeline functional, safety and durability requirements, and gradually reach The current international standard level. Some standards or projects in the Association's group product standards should be stricter than national and industry standards.
Product quality objectives, the industry should attach great importance to the improvement of product quality, strengthen supply-side structural reform, strengthen brand building, promote industry self-discipline, improve product quality awareness and product quality, and eliminate the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products. Production enterprises should improve the quality assurance system, allocate the necessary inspection equipment, pay attention to process control and factory inspection and control, and strictly control the quality of products. The industry should gradually establish a product quality certification system, continue to improve the product quality commitment system, and encourage qualified enterprises to actively insure product quality liability insurance, so that product quality meets market demand.
During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the industry should increase the research and development of new plastic pipes and ancillary products of modified, composite and other new materials on the basis of traditional materials such as PVC, PE and PP, attach importance to basic scientific research work, and improve pipeline production. And application technology, improve the functions of existing varieties, develop high-performance, high value-added pipeline products to expand new application areas.
In order to ensure the development quality and development goals of the industry, the "Proposal" proposes measures to strengthen industry self-discipline, improve quality assurance system, improve product quality, guide the healthy development of the market, improve the standard system, and strengthen the implementation of standards. The industry's upgrading and upgrading.

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