Old home renovation budget save money for renovation

Doing a good job in home renovation budget is a step that can not be ignored in home improvement. If you do a good job on the budget of old home renovation, you will not blindly consume when you buy building materials. If you buy building materials with high prices, if you do not do the budget for old home renovation, it is very likely. Caused your decoration to be stopped halfway because the money was spent. I believe this is something that all owners do not want to see. With the small series below to understand the old house decoration budget, hoping to bring everyone help.

1, the overall budget to consider

First of all, family members must communicate and coordinate with each other, and they should have a general understanding of family preferences. Then to the major decorative cities to make a map, in order to facilitate the professional decoration company to discuss the time and knowing the first situation can be roughly done a preliminary budget, in order to reasonably arrange the decoration project and prepare the appropriate funds.

2. Rationally allocate budget funds

Which is important in the living room and bedroom. There are more and more housing structures in the "Lobby Bedroom", so you may wish to invest more in the living room and spend less on the decoration of the bedroom. Kitchen and toilet work hard. The kitchen is the place with the most pipelines in the home. It is the place where decoration is the most troublesome. Therefore, investing more money and making the kitchen beautiful is worth it. Many bathrooms are poorly ventilated and lighting, and they need some effort to decorate.

3, how to review the budget

The audit budget should first review the drawings. A set of complete, detailed, wall-imaging drawings is the basis for budget quotations, because quotations are based on specific dimensions, materials, processes, etc. If the drawings are inaccurate, the budget is certainly not accurate.

4, process instructions to be specific

To verify whether all the projects in the budget are complete, whether the things to do are listed on the budget table, whether there is a report of a door or missing the kitchen wall tiling and the bedroom baseboard Such phenomena. At the same time, it is necessary to understand what materials and processes constitute the reported prices.

Editor's summary: The budget for the renovation of old homes was introduced here. I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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