The main structure, use and operation of trolley-type inner sleeve heat remover

BGJ-S type car bearing inner sleeve heating disassembler This heater is controlled by time control digital display mode from the control cabinet, induction coil and the main body (also can be lift type). Induction coil is composed of 12 groups of cores. The magnets are fixed to the shell with screws and springs. When the power is heated, the iron core absorbs the power to the workpiece and increases the power factor.

BGJ type bearing inductive puller is widely used in rolling mills, railway locomotives, ports, terminals and other industrial and mining enterprises. A new generation of products with inner rings, retaining rings, sealing rings, gears, couplings, etc. that are hot-disassembled. This product uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate induced currents in the inner ring of the bearing, causing it to heat and swell, resulting in a fit at the place. Clearance for easy removal. Because the induction heating is rapid, uniform, clean and pollution-free, the heating quality is high, and the bearing is not damaged. This advanced disassembly method is gradually replacing the baking and oil cooking methods.

First, the car trolley inner sleeve heat remover main technical parameters: special specifications can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements

Model OD Internal diameter Wide current Voltage Heating time 130°C BGJ-S-1 ∮185 ∮130 78 380V 21A (single phase) 1.3 minutes BGJ-S-2 ∮191 ∮160 168 380V 30A (single phase) 1.3 minutes BGJ-S -3 ∮193 ∮160 180 380V 60A(single-phase) 1.5 minutes BGJ-S-4 ∮247 ∮170 195 380V 60A(single-phase) 1.5 minutes BGJ-S-5 ∮320 ∮180 220 380V 65A(single-phase) 1.6 minute

Second, the main main structure of the trolley inner sleeve heat remover

This machine consists of main control cabinet, induction coil and other parts.

Third, the trolley car inner sleeve heat remover main use and operation 1, the control cabinet is connected to a controlled power supply.

2. Connect the control cabinet and induction coil with wires.

3, close the control switch, the voltmeter should have instructions.

4, the induction coil sleeve on the bearing.

5, adjust the required heating time, press the start button, heating begins. When the workpiece is heated to the required time, the host will automatically turn off the power or press the stop switch.

6. After the heating is completed, remove the induction coil and remove the bearing.

7, the machine can be controlled by the control cabinet or induction coil heating and stopping.

Fourth, the car trolley inner sleeve heat remover main notices 1, this series of bearing induction puller must be provided by the user to customize the size of the heated workpiece.

2, take out the workpiece must pay attention to prevent burns.

3. The heating element of the induction coil must be taken out after the main unit is powered off.

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