There are many "funny" in the cabinet market

There are many "funny" in the cabinet market

“Also is quartz stone countertops, cheaper prices are five or six hundred yuan per meter, and expensive ones are three or four thousand yuan per meter.” The cabinet surface of Mr. Xu’s home was cracked, and he’s been buying in the cabinet market these days. Change new ones. However, there are a wide variety of counter brands on the market, and the price gap between them makes him unable to start.

The price of countertops is very different

The reporter visited the downtown Bayi South Street, Danxi Road and some other cabinet stores found that these areas of the cabinet business is relatively concentrated, many businesses are recommending quartz stone countertops. But also quartz stone countertops, a large number of brands, as well as imported and domestic points, the price difference. Cheap quartz stone countertops, offer 200 ~ 300 yuan / m, and claiming that imported quartz stone is priced 3000 ~ 4,000 yuan / meter, or even 6000 ~ 7000 yuan / meter. As to why the price difference is so great, the sales staff said that there is a difference between the brands and the products.

According to industry insiders, quartz stones on the market are synthesized from quartz crystals and resins, and generally the quartz content is marked. The two or three hundred yuan a meter of the so-called quartz stone, basically made of ordinary calcium powder, may not have quartz and resin components are not.

The person also revealed that the current quartz stone water more, "hanging sheep to sell dog meat," the phenomenon is also a lot, the public must buy their eyes. You can refer to the following aspects to choose:

First of all, from the perspective of price, the quality of quartz stone that is priced at around RMB 1,000 per meter is more reliable. If the selling price is too low, it may be false “quartz stone”. It is synthesized from marble powder and resin, and has a lot of hardness and is prone to cracking. Staining deformation and so on.

Secondly, if you want to identify the quality of quartz stone, you can see some “after all” from the model. For example, you can use a key, a screwdriver, and the like. No traces are good; different brands of quartz stone are intercalated, and the hardness is traced. Poor, poor density; with fire, burning traces can be wiped off is good; with strong acid base bubble, no reaction is good.

In addition, the public not only need to look at the model when purchasing, but also consciously propose to the business to look at the original plate, the industry commonly known as "big board", if the specification is 2.4 meters x 0.75 meters, it is a small board, the general small workshops can Production; 3 meters × 1.5 meters is a big board, only the manufacturers with excellent equipment can be processed.

The person in charge of a well-known brand cabinet shop on the Bayi South Street in the city introduced that when selecting a countertop, you may wish to refer to the following criteria: 1. High density. The higher the density of quartz stone, the lower the water absorption rate, and the stronger the anti-fouling ability, the easier the mesa will be handled. 2. The content of quartz sand is high. The higher the quartz sand content, the higher the hardness and the higher the price. Good brand quartz sand content is above 90%.

Do not ignore cabinets when choosing cabinets

According to insiders, cabinet panels are more important than door panels. The cabinet board bears the functions of waterproofing, mildew proofing and load-bearing, but it is not valued by consumers because it is concealed in the door panel. Some unscrupulous distributors often use low-cost door panels with cheap cabinet panels to report the so-called “special price” and “concessional price”. In fact, these inferior cabinet boards often take a long time to soak in water, moldy, and the consumers are disadvantaged. .

Industry insiders told reporters that, in fact, the cracking of the platen is not only the quality of the platen, but also has a close relationship with the thickness of the cabinet and the quality of the hardware. The thickness of the countertops in the market is generally about 2 centimeters. If the cabinets are subjected to uneven forces, the countertops will crack. Therefore, the thickness of the cabinet board should be thicker and the bearing capacity should be better. The thickness of ordinary cabinets is 16 mm, but some good brands will reach 18 mm in thickness. In addition, the adjustment angle under the cabinet body should bear the weight of the cabinet body and the countertop at the same time. How important is the material and quality of the cabinet body and the countertop. A plastic material adjustment angle can be purchased for just a few cents, and recycled plastic is cheaper, while an ABS waterproof material adjustment angle is tens of dollars.

In addition to cabinets, there are also edge sealing processes. The quality of the edge banding machine determines the quality of the edge banding. A good edge-sealing machine can be formed in one step, in one step, and when the edge-sealing machine is not well-sealed, there is a gap and it is easy to crack. Due to the high and low position of the plumbing, sockets, flue, and beam, the design of the cabinet will be affected. Therefore, industry insiders suggest that the owner of the decoration should be able to set the cabinet brand before the start of the hydropower project and let the designer design it. .

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