Analysis of the "Provisional Regulations on the Administration of the Coal Mine Master Plan" by the National Development and Reform Commission

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission has promulgated the Provisional Regulations for the Administration of the Overall Planning of Coal Mining Areas (referred to as the Provisions) for the purpose of regulating the order of domestic coal development and protecting and rationally utilizing coal resources. This provision will serve as the basic basis for the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission for the overall planning of the domestic coal mining area, the preliminary preparation for the coal mine project, and the approval of various tasks. The NDRC's coal mining area management method and the 2004 version have undergone major changes, indicating that management has a new direction for the development of the coal industry. The specific content and analysis are as follows:

Coordinating operations between different functional departments This regulation emphasizes the coordination between various functional departments during the preparation and approval of coal mine projects. It is required that the coal industry management department, the production safety supervision department, the land and resources department, the environmental protection department, the water conservancy department, and the supervision department should perform their respective responsibilities and participate in management within their respective responsibilities. From the point of view of the management departments that need to participate in coordination, the requirements for environmental protection, safety, etc. have obviously increased.

New requirements for the design of mining areas The “Regulations” also put forward new requirements for local governments or coal companies to provide coal mining area master planning and design documents. For example: 1) Prospective for the necessity of mining and the role of mining development for local economy Analysis; 2) Detailed analysis of the characteristics of coal washing process coal quality, product utilization direction, etc.; 3) Analysis of mining area environment protection, soil and water conservation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc. The above points are all new requirements of the Development and Reform Commission for the contents of the mining design documents. They point out the main directions for the future development of the coal industry, that is, to coordinate with the local economy, clarify the long-term thinking of the development of the mining area and pay attention to environmental effects.

The new regulations for the dynamic management of mining areas require that coal mining areas be dynamically managed in the overall plan. If the overall planning of a mine area has been approved, but the mine scope and construction scale have undergone major changes, the planning body can re-prepare the mining area plan (revised version), but in principle, the modified version of the declaration time and the original planning approval time shall not be separated by 5 year. This provision leaves a flexible regulating valve for the mining area planning, so that the mining area will not be unable to break through the bottleneck when it develops rapidly, or it can effectively control the scale when the development of the mining area is overheated. The time for revising the manuscript proposed this time and the original approval interval should not exceed 5 years, which can prevent the occurrence of blind expansion.

The two levels approved the bottom line to improve the 2004 Development and Reform Commission’s “Regulations on Regulating the Examination and Approval of the Overall Plan for Coal Mining Areas.” The stipulations are that the resources are small and the planned production capacity is less than 2 million tons/year. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission shall report to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission for approval and report to the state. Development and Reform Commission for the record. The recently announced "Regulations" slightly increases the "small size" of the scale of the mining area, and the planned bottom line has increased to 3 million tons per year.

On the whole, the content of the “Regulations” implied instructions for the development path of the coal industry, that is, to strengthen scientific planning, avoid unauthorized approval, expand the scale without authorization, and strengthen resource protection and energy-intensive development. The big idea is still to control the total supply and restrict coal supply. This will further promote the integration and merger within the coal industry, and will be beneficial to the long-term development of the industry.

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