Towels and baby products should be disinfected

Pediatric resistance is weak, and if you are exposed to a large number of bacteria, you will get sick. Therefore, the things used in children need to be disinfected frequently. Towels and cloth diapers can be sterilized by boiling. Children's clothes, bedding and other bedding can be disinfected by the sun. Towels and diapers can also be sterilized by the sun. All children's products are generally not disinfected with disinfectant, because if the disinfectant is not cleaned, it will stimulate the skin or mucous membrane of the child.

In addition, indoor air and ground are generally not disinfected with disinfectant. If it is necessary to use it, when sterilizing, hold the baby into another room and temporarily avoid it. When the smell of the disinfectant is gone, bring the child back. Generally, indoor air can be ventilated through a window to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Wipe the floor with a clean mop. The mop used should be dried frequently because often wet mops can breed bacteria or mold.

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