Latex paint purchase details

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The details of the purchase determine the colorful quality. If you want to choose the latex paint that is most suitable for the decoration style of the house, there are still many details to be aware of when purchasing the latex paint.

Details 1 Look at the second and third hands

At first glance, look at the outer packaging and environmental testing report. Generally, the front of the latex paint will be marked with the name, trademark, net content, composition, usage and precautions. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life. The shelf life of each brand of latex paint ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Try to buy products that are produced in the near future. Nowadays, general brand latex paints have environmental test reports or test sheets. Consumers can see that the test sheet has a detailed understanding of the environmental performance of latex paint. The test report has a standard for the detection of VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metal content. The national standard VOC should not exceed 200 grams per liter; free formaldehyde should not exceed 0.1 grams per kilogram.

The second is the mass component. In general, a quality emulsion paint is about 7 kg in a barrel of 5 liters; about 25 kg in a barrel of 18 liters. There is also a simple method to lift the paint bucket. The normal brand latex paint can't hear the sound, and it is easy to shake the sound to prove that the latex paint has insufficient viscosity.

Three hands are hands-on detection. The high-quality latex paint is relatively viscous, milky white liquid, no lumps, uniform after stirring, no odor. Otherwise, there is a quality problem with the latex paint. It can also be spread evenly on the fingers, and the conjunctiva is dried within a few minutes. The conjunctiva has a certain ductility and is a safe coating.

Details 2 Colorful colors should be noted

The color of the current latex paint is no longer monotonous white, and many consumers are more willing to light up their lives with colorful colors. On swatches and paint buckets, the color that consumers see and the effects they end up on the wall are not necessarily the same. Because the color of the paint is not only affected by light, but also by the area of ​​the paint. When a color is applied to a large area, the color usually increases, so you can choose a slightly lighter color.

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