XPS extruded polystyrene board inverted roof insulation material

The inverted roof is: a roof that is provided with a hydrophobic insulation material on the waterproof layer. The advantages are:

1. Simplified construction to avoid waste;

2. It is not necessary to set up the roof exhaust system;

3. The waterproof layer is protected from thermal stress, ultraviolet rays and other factors to damage the waterproof layer;

4, excellent moisture resistance makes it have long-term stable thermal insulation performance and compressive strength;

5, can maintain long-term thermal insulation function, durability is equivalent to the life of the building;

6. The hydrophobic insulation material can be cut and processed by electric heating wire or bullying with conventional tools, and the construction is quick and easy;

7. In the future, the roof maintenance will not damage the materials, which is convenient and simple;

8, the use of high-efficiency insulation materials, in line with the development direction of building energy-saving technology.

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