**: The rise of "no suspense"

The market in Asia, Europe, and the United States escalated sharply in July. In particular, the United States has pulled up nearly 190 U.S. dollars since July. In addition to the upward promotion of oil prices, the tightening of supply and short-term speculation factors cannot be ignored. The Asia-Europe market responds to the U.S. increase. The trend is pushing up. As of July 11th, the price of Asian FOB Korea ** closed at 1167-1168 US dollars / ton, compared with the price of 110 US dollars higher than the end of last month, the price of European ** increased by 120 US dollars. Sinopec was continuously stimulated by the strong external stimulus on the 4th and 7th of this month. The domestic price rapidly increased, and rumors continued to increase on the 13th. The price was 300 yuan/tonne to 8,000 yuan/tonne, domestically. The market took the lead in pulling up to 8,000 yuan/ton on the 12th. In view of the strong advantages brought by the external market, tight supply, and wide downstream products, the domestic market is expected to be optimistic.

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