Use of post-emergence herbicides in corn fields

According to the phytotoxicity and weed control effect caused by post-emergence herbicides in corn fields mastered by many years of investigation, it is proposed to remove the requirements of weeding after the spraying of seedlings, in order to achieve good results in field weed removal. It is also protected from phytotoxicity.
First, when applying corn in the corn field, do: "To distinguish the varieties, do not blindly use drugs." Since most of the current corn seedling herbicides are nicosulfuron-methyl, some corn varieties are sensitive to this ingredient and are susceptible to phytotoxicity. Some products indicate that they are forbidden to be used in corn inbred lines, sweet corn, sticky corn, Denghai series, etc. Therefore, it is said that the post-emergence herbicides are not used in any variety, and the product descriptions should be read in detail. It can be used if it is used, and it is not used when it is used improperly.
Second, do the medicine: "To dilute twice, do not mix water and medicine directly" especially powder type medicine. The second dilution is like the chef making noodle porridge. Under the premise of selecting a certain amount of water, first mix a small amount of water with the medicine, then add the remaining water, stir evenly and spray. Avoid the uneven mixing of water and medicine. The weeds in this place where the medicine is sprayed are dead. The weeding effect of the weeds that continue to grow in the place where the water is sprayed.
Third, when spraying, do "do not spray high spray." The term "low and high" as used herein refers to the low and high temperature. That is to say, before 9:00 am in the middle of the day, the spray is taken after 4 pm. Do not spray in the morning, noon or afternoon when the temperature is high and the weather is dry. The amount of herbicide entering the weed body is limited, the absorption is insufficient, and the herbicidal effect is affected. At the same time, the high temperature spraying corn seedling is also prone to phytotoxicity.
Fourth, do the weeding: "To spray small, do not spray old." Grab the weeds and leaves one heart to four leaves and one heart. Weeds have a certain area of ​​drug application and a small period of resistance to spraying. Don't wait until the weeds grow to a height of 10 cm or more, and when the eyes are green, they are sprayed. In the high temperature and dry years, the weeds are short, but due to the long growing time, the roots are developed, forming a "small old grass" with pale gray color. Should increase the amount of liquid sprayed, use no less than 40 kg of liquid per acre, spray the whole plant with weeds, do not hesitate to take the medicine, otherwise it will not achieve the effect of removing weeds.
5. When weeding and controlling insects, we must: "To be mixed with pyrethroid pesticides , do not mix with organophosphorus pesticides." When there is pest in the seedling stage of the corn field, in order to save labor and time, when spraying the post-emergence herbicide, weeding and pest control can be carried out simultaneously. However, the mixed pesticides should be selected from pyrethroids and carbamate insecticides. When spraying, care should be taken to avoid the leaves and prevent the liquid. In the severe years when Swedish flies or thrips occur, the herbicide can be mixed with imidacloprid or acetamiprid, but the two insects need to be sprayed with heart leaves. If the herbicide is mixed with herbicides, the corn seedlings are prone to occur. For phytotoxicity, the herbicide should be sprayed in front, and then imidacloprid or acetamiprid should be sprayed to avoid phytotoxicity of corn seedlings. It is strictly forbidden to spray organic phosphorus insecticides one week before and after spraying the herbicides, otherwise the corn seedlings will be phytotoxic.
Sixth, the corn seedlings after the five leaves to apply: "To set the spray, do not spray all the fields." The 2~5 leaf stage of corn is the best spraying time for post-emergence weeding. If the best period is missed and the necessary weeding is necessary, the spray should be fixed in the ridge, and the whole field should not be sprayed to avoid causing phytotoxicity. Otherwise, the light heart will cause the corn heart to turn yellow, and the heavy ones will turn white and the whole plant will stop growing.

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