Kitchen decoration Feng Shui color becomes the key

The feng shui of the kitchen decoration is mostly based on the color, and the most white is the choice.

First, from a health perspective

Let us discuss from the point of view of use, the kitchen is the place to cook, white can at least show that such a sanitary condition is good, spotless, and the diet can be assured. You see, the chef's overalls are all white, you feel very used and very comfortable. But if you put on other colors, such as wearing a black robe or something, then, I am afraid it is more like a witch who is arranging any mysterious drugs. It seems that some of my heart is not at the end, and the dishes don’t dare to eat.

Second, from the perspective of appetite

Because the family eats, usually after someone cooks the dishes, others have to go in, that is to say, the family has to enter the kitchen when they get to the meal. The color of the kitchen will of course affect the people in the subtle, even if you are not necessarily aware Get it. In fact, many colors are related to people's emotions and can mobilize people's corresponding emotions. However, no matter what emotions are mobilized, people's appetite will be suppressed, because your excitement has shifted, of course, you don't feel hungry. Only white, the cleanest, the purest, has nothing to do with any emotions, so it does not interfere with appetite. Moreover, white can not only arouse people's emotions, but also help people's various emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calmness, and emotions are gradually being released and gradually faded. For people who eat, they often do all sorts of things before meals, and may bring a variety of emotions. Waiting to enter the kitchen, if the four white walls can help him calm down the mood, plus the smell of the food, does it not evoke appetite?

Finally, from the perspective of affecting emotions

Those who say cooking, who have life can not let go, especially the hostess, completely look at the man's face is alive, sometimes there is very sad in my heart. For women, the kitchen is the real world of their own. Cooking is sometimes a great pleasure in life. The advantage of choosing white is to let go of all the bad things in your heart, turn yourself into a blank, regain the joy of life between the pots and pans, find the woman's confidence, and find the soft and passionate. Such a kitchen, as if there is a kind of magic, can heal all the wounds in a busy time. The true meaning of the white kitchen is that we must learn to release all bad emotions and find our own peace and health. Even a man, if you are upset, you can try to make a meal. Maybe after a while, your mood can be greatly improved.

Therefore, white is the best color in the kitchen for color feng shui problems. Many people think that white is not resistant to dirt. In fact, the black color only covers up the dirty, the essence is still dirty, but the dirty is not found, white helps. Let us clean the small fruit. Therefore, the color feng shui problem in the kitchen is the best choice for both hygiene and affecting our appetite and affecting the mood of the cook. The purity and cleanness of white is the best choice.

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