The correct use of the pump

Although there are many reasons why the motor is burnt out, the proper use of the pump is one of the important reasons. When using the pump, after the power is turned on, carefully observe the operation of the pump, the water should be continuous and uniform, the pump without vibration and noise before use. If suddenly shut down during operation, immediately disconnect the power and check the cause. Pump start time interval between two should be all the water pump back to the limit. If you start too early, the motor will be burned due to excessive resistance and water hammer in the water pipe. In addition, if the pump installed in the well, pay attention to the pump flow should be consistent with the normal well water, otherwise it will cause the empty machine running, burning motor. Therefore, the correct use of the pump, you can extend the service life of the pump, to bring greater benefits to people! Related topics: Broad future of pumps - Asia pump network project planning

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