Comparison of domestic water purifiers and imported water purifiers

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Comparison of domestic water purifiers and imported water purifiers
When consumers purchase water purifiers, they often worry about whether to buy imported brands or domestic brands. Some consumers believe that imported brands are definitely better than domestic brands, and some consumers think that imports are too expensive, and domestic ones are relatively affordable. In fact, the most important thing to buy a water purifier is to look at the applicability of the inherent technology. To make the right choice, I think we must first figure out a few questions:
Comparison of domestic water purifiers and imported water purifiers First, the core of water purifiers is the water purification process. The basis for the design of the water purification process is the quality of the tap water. The tap water in western developed countries has good water quality, and the tap water can open the tap to drink. Their water purifiers, which mainly need to be solved, are only the secondary pollution that may be formed in the water supply pipeline, such as rust, colloid, and the removal of disinfectant residues added during the production of tap water. Therefore, the imported water purifier purification process is often relatively simple, generally "pre-filter + activated carbon", in which the pre-filter intercepts large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust, colloid, etc., while activated carbon is used to adsorb water. Residual disinfectant. For foreign water quality, such a water purification process is sufficient. However, China's water quality is much more complicated. Residual harmful substances in tap water, organic, such as pesticides, chemical materials, disinfectants, etc.; inorganic, such as heavy metals, harmful minerals (arsenic, fluorine, iron, manganese, etc.); and microbes, such as bacteria, Viruses, algae, etc. Such a complicated water quality cannot be completely purified by the single process of the imported water purifier. Therefore, the domestic water purifier often uses a combined filter element. Because a filter can only solve one type of problem. Therefore, from the technical point of view, the domestic water purifier that combines the filter element is more suitable for the current water quality situation in China. :
Comparison of domestic water purifiers and imported water purifiers Second, imported water purifiers are better than most domestic brands in product design and process quality, and the performance of their filter elements may be better than the same kind of filter elements in domestic brands. For example, activated carbon filter, its adsorption effect may be better than domestic activated carbon. As a result, domestic activated carbon may need to be replaced after 2 tons of water, and imported 3 tons of water need to be replaced. However, if the economic account is calculated, the unit price of the imported filter will exceed the domestic filter many times. Some imported water purifiers are designed to be disposable. They cannot be changed at all. In two years, they are thrown and bought again. In this way, use The cost is much higher than the domestic water purifier.
The comparison between domestic water purifiers and imported water purifiers is the third. There are many fake foreign brands on the market. Some water purifiers with imported signs are actually produced in China, and some simply wear a foreign hat. So "imported" water purifiers, consumers choose not to be fooled? :
The above three points, for the reference of consumers, the final choice of domestic or imported, but also consumers according to their own community water quality and requirements, rational choice

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