How much is the height of the baby pillow?

For the baby, the mother chooses a soft, skin-friendly pillow for the baby, which is indispensable for the growth of the baby as well as sleep. It is very important for the baby to choose which kind of pillow. Moms should not neglect the height requirements of the baby pillow while pursuing the comfort and softness of the pillow . Next, let Go tell the mother how to choose a baby pillow.


The purpose of the pillow is to support the cervical spine and relax the neck muscles. The adult spine has a physiological curvature in the neck. When lying down and lying on the side, the neck is suspended, so the pillow will feel more comfortable.

But for the baby, especially for the baby who loves to spit milk within three months, Xiao Bian does not recommend the use of ordinary pillows, but should choose a U-shaped pillow specially designed for newborns, which can make the baby's head Slightly raise and reduce spitting milk.

How to tell the difference between baby pillows? We can see it from the height of the baby pillow. Experienced designers will carefully study the forward tilting, pillow height and shape design that best fits the baby's cervical spine growth, so that the pillow fits close to the baby's cervical vertebra, promotes the development of the baby's cervical vertebrae, and provides support and protection.

The pillow filling in the pillow is also very particular. China has traditionally used hard grain as a pillow to give the baby a habit of sleeping. The baby's skull is soft, the sacral and cranial sutures are not completely closed, and the pillow is too hard to cause head deformation. The pillow core made of down, vacuum cotton, etc. is too soft, can not support the cervical vertebra well, and may even block the baby's mouth and nose, causing suffocation. Moreover, the pillow core using such a filler provides a hiding place for mites and dust, which is likely to cause allergies to the baby. Therefore, it is better to choose plant particles such as Cassia and Mongolian.


Choosing and using the pillow correctly will help the blood circulation of the baby's head, help regulate the metabolic activities of nerves and body fluids, help the child to enter the dream of ampoules, and sleep more sweet and sweet. How the mother chooses the baby pillow determines the quality of the baby's sleep and the development of the head shape. If the choice and use are inappropriate, it can not only affect the physiological activities, but also may cause some deformities.

The above is the high knowledge of baby pillows compiled by Xiaobian for you. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of our home.

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