What is the working principle of car alarm?

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Car alarm works
In an ordinary electronic car alarm device, there is an integrated chip with some switch gates. When a trigger voltage is applied, the switch door opens to output a positive voltage to the drive circuit, inferring the actuator and the alarm circuit.
The applied voltage is accomplished by sensors or switches and is concealed and non-destructive.
The electronically controlled cars are generally the original anti-theft devices. The principle is basically the same as that of the electronic anti-theft devices, but the circuits are implicated in each other, mainly the locking and starting system.
In addition to the enhanced function of the electronic anti-theft device, the network anti-theft device can also send the thief to the owner's mobile phone and has the ability to lock the engine. Its mobile phone positioning can position the vehicle within a certain range.
The GPS satellite positioning anti-theft function is even stronger, and it integrates almost all the anti-theft functions, and can be accurately positioned within 5 meters by the satellite, which is the front. Its sensors are wirelessly sensitive and hard to break. The above is the working principle of the car alarm device introduced by the Pacific Security Network.

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