Teach you how to install a building intercom system

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At present, the building intercom system has become more and more common. Can you not install it? Of course, the following will explain from three points, teach you to install the building intercom system:
First, the equipment preparation before installation
1. Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of all the lines of the system, whether there is a disconnection or short circuit phenomenon;
2. After confirming that there is no fault in the line of the whole system, the equipment can be installed, and the joints of the wiring must be soldered;
3. When installing the equipment, it must be wired in strict accordance with the instructions attached to the product or the installation manual.
Second, the system before the power-on debugging
1. After all the equipments have been installed, it is necessary to thoroughly check whether the wiring of each part is correct; if there is a connection error, the whole system may not work properly.
2. In particular, check whether the power cord is connected incorrectly, and whether there is a short circuit between the positive and negative poles. Otherwise, the equipment will be burnt and the equipment of the related line will be burnt after power-on, which will cause fire.
Third, unit building intercom and visual part of the debugging
1. Under the condition that the line and wiring are correct and the equipment is in good condition, the unit system can work normally after being powered on.
2. When commissioning the unit building, first connect all the wirings of the door host and the lowest level protector/decoder and indoor unit, and at the same time, the unit number of the extension is numbered according to the instructions for use; Confirm that the door host and the underlying line and equipment are normal.
3. If the normal operation indicates that the host computer and the line and equipment are normal; then cut off the system power, and then connect the main line of the upper system to perform the second layer debugging (must be cut off when the system is connected), and then go up. .
4. In the debugging process of the unit building, it is necessary to debug from the bottom layer one by one, that is, after the first layer is debugged, the second layer is debugged, and then the debugging is continued up to the whole unit. The debugging is completed and works normally.
Under normal circumstances, the following voltage parameters can be measured by using the voltage file of the multimeter to determine the quality of the line or equipment;
When static, the power supply voltage and +B to ground voltage: 12V.
Voltage of audio line A2 to ground: 0V.
Voltage of data line P to ground: 0V.
After the Hutong extension, the voltage of the audio line to ground will change: rise to 5.6V.
At the same time, the instant of the call-through extension can measure a rapidly changing pulse voltage between 0 and 5V on the data line P.
5. If the equipment of the whole unit system is installed and the wiring is correct, but it can not work after power-on, first power off only the bottom protector/decoder, indoor unit and door host are connected, that is, the second layer or more The bus of the protector/decoder is completely removed, and it is confirmed whether the host and the underlying protector/decoder and the indoor unit are normal. If it is normal, the fault is in the protector/decoder or indoor unit of the second floor or above. This makes it necessary to find the root cause of the fault layer by layer.
6. If you encounter the above fault, if the floor is high, you can use the "Golden Section Method" to check the fault, that is, disconnect the middle floor (such as 20 floors must be disconnected at 10 floors) above the protector / decoder Bus, restore the connection of the second-layer bus, confirm that the fault is specifically below the middle layer or above the middle layer, according to this method can quickly find the root cause of the fault.
7. As long as the wiring between the indoor unit and the protector/decoder is correct, the cable between the protector/decoder and the indoor unit is plugged in, and the video cable is connected. After the room number of the extension is programmed, it can be normal without debugging. jobs;
8. If the image of the indoor unit is ghosted or the signal is too strong and the image is distorted, it must be on the video output of the last protector/decoder on the top layer, and a 75Ω carbon film resistor is used for attenuation. / Match video signal.
9. If the image of the indoor unit is blurred or the image is white, the video signal is weak. At this time, the video gain can be adjusted by turning on the video amplifier circuit on the protector; the method is to put the three jump pins J1 side by side on the protector. J2 and J3 can be turned from the original OFF position to the ON position. At the same time, the size of the video gain and the size of the high-frequency signal can be adjusted by adjusting two potentiometers on the protector. The specific method can take the extension to the side of the protector and adjust the potentiometer while observing the image; generally the lower layer (below 7 layers) does not need to open the video amplification circuit; the upper layer (more than 20 layers) also only needs to open a protector. The video amplification circuit is fine.
10. If there is a harsh whistling sound during the call between the host computer and the indoor unit, or if the sound of the host horn is small, take a small flat-blade screwdriver and press the potentiometers VR1 and VR2 on the main board of the door. Speaker, microphone volume adjustment.

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