It's best to understand these size issues before custom cabinetry

I don't know if there are any owners who have encountered such a situation. When we are customizing the cabinets, because the size is not estimated, we often have to change the size. It not only delays the time, but also often causes the cabinets to be loaded and found to be redundant or to be replenished. Changed situation. This will not only waste time, but also waste your costs. Therefore, recommends that before you customize the cabinet, it is best to first understand the size of each aspect, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.

First, the cabinet cabinet size

The height design of the cabinet cabinet should be designed according to the height of the person who cooks at home. It must be ergonomic. Generally speaking, the height is between 78 and 85 cm.

The width of the cabinet cabinet should be considered from the height of the human body, the length of the hand, the ratio of the width to the height, etc., and the size of the sink should also be considered. The maximum size of the household sink (sink) is also 47cmX88cm. If the basin is to be calculated, the width of the cabinet is about 52~62cm in the case of the door panel.

Second, the cabinet counter size

The countertop of the kitchen workbench should not be less than 90cmX46cm. Otherwise, it is not enough to place objects. Considering the factors of the sink, the width of the countertop is generally between 55~65cm, which is the best for us. The thickness of the countertop is generally 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 25mm depending on the stone, and the same kind of stone has different thicknesses.

Third, the cabinet cabinet size

If the door of the hanging cabinet is opened to the left and right, the width and the door of the cabinet are almost the same. If it is a top door, the size is at least 50cm and the maximum is 100cm. However, if the upper door is not good, it is easy to change. It is recommended not to do too much. The upper door should be made between 70cm and 85cm, which is beautiful and not easy to deform. As for the depth of the cabinet, in the same kitchen, it is best to use two sizes of 30cm and 35cm (one wall, one depth) to enlarge the disc.

Generally speaking, the height of the hanging cabinet from the ground is about 180cm, and the height of the hanging cabinet itself should be between 50cm and 80cm. However, the specific height of the hanging cabinet is determined according to the height of the user. Generally speaking, the user should raise his hand to reach the first compartment of the hanging cabinet when standing.

Fourth, the cabinet baseboard height and drawer slide size

The height of the baseboard of the cabinet is generally 8cm, which is generally divided into stone feet, stainless steel feet, density board feet, PVC board feet and so on.

Drawer slide rails are generally divided into three sections of slide rails, pumping rails and roller rails according to the design method, and the sizes are 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm.

Five, cabinet pull basket and disinfection cabinet size

Generally, the multi-purpose cabinet pull baskets vary in size from 15cm to 60cm depending on the width, while the cooker baskets are between 70cm and 90cm.

In the cabinet disinfection cabinet, the size of the general 80-liter sterilizer is 58.5cm wide, 58-60cm high, and 50cm deep; the size of the 90-liter sterilizer is 58.5cm wide, 60cm high, and 50cm deep; 100L The disinfection cabinet needs to have a width of 58.5mm, a height of 62-65cm and a depth of 50cm; a 110-liter sterilizer requires a size of 58.5mm, a height of 65cm, and a diameter of 50cm.

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