The harm of paint to pregnant women and effective prevention

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Paint is harmful to the health of the human body, then what kind of harm does the paint have on the special population of pregnant women? How do we prevent the harm of the paint to pregnant women in life? For the birth and healthy growth of the baby, the following points are painted for pregnant women. The hazards and prevention should be taken seriously.
The harm of paint to pregnant women and effective prevention
First, the harm of paint to pregnant women
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnant women need to pay special attention to various adverse effects of the outside world. The influence of paint in home decoration mainly comes from the paint of the paint and the paint of the home brush during the decoration process. I want to paint down indoors or do not need a period of time. Then, the hazards of paint on pregnant women are as follows:
1. Formaldehyde in paint can cause cancer and deformity
There is also a color-sensitive, influential gas in the paint that can be received through the respiratory tract. It has been identified by the World Health Organization as a suspected carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. Long-term breathing of pregnant women may cause malformations or cancer in newborns.
2, paint can cause fetal death or abortion
Prolonged exposure to paint by pregnant women may result in fetal abortion or neonatal death. Because it contains formaldehyde, it also contains lead and other harmful metal substances.
3, pregnant women have respiratory and neurological diseases
The smell of paint can cause respiratory and neurological diseases in pregnant women, including sore throat, memory loss, etc., and even induce asthma in pregnant women. The length of contact is long, and these bad symptoms will be more obvious.
4, causing dizziness and nausea in pregnant women
Even if you don't have enough sleep, you will still use it when you use these furniture. In the short term, you will frequently show head drowsiness, and you will have frequent dizziness and headaches in the long run.
5. Affecting the mental development of the fetus
Staying in a paint-like environment for a long time can also cause the fetus to develop slowly, or to have certain physical or functional defects at birth.
Second, prevent paint from harming pregnant women
1, away from the paint
If it is a renovated house or a newly purchased home, open the indoor windows to ensure that the indoor air is free from pollution before allowing the pregnant woman to live in.
2, reduce the taste of paint
If the home has paint, the window is blown with a fan, and the indoor smell of paint is excluded from the room. Activated carbon can also be placed next to the furniture. If the furniture is relatively large, it may take a few more bags to play a role.
3, the use of astringent detergent
The purchase of high-tech astringent detergents uses the ammonia compound in the detergent to chemically react with harmful substances, thereby acting as a cleansing agent. In the newly renovated room, the astringent detergent can be poured into the tray, and the trays are placed in each room, and combined with the scrubbing method, the bad smell can be effectively removed after several days.
4, vinegar and citric acid
For vinegar, use a basin or bucket to fill the cold water, then add the right amount of vinegar to the ventilated room and open the door and window. In this way, the amount of water can be evaporated to protect the top coating surface, and the residual odor can be absorbed.


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