The bedroom home furnishings need to pay attention to those aspects

What is home? It is not simply a few walls with two brushes and a few tiles on the floor. It is a combination of elements. The decoration is generally divided into two parts, hard and soft. A lot of people think that hard-mounting is very heavy, which is certainly true, but soft-mounting that is ignored is therefore your fault. In many cases, the incorrect placement of household items will also have a certain impact on home life. Therefore, what we need to address below is the aspects that need to be taken care of at home.

1, TV follows into the bedroom

It's really nice to watch TV in bed, but it's not appropriate to move your TV to your bedroom. When a television computer is working, it generates electromagnetic waves that interfere with people's sleep and affect their health. However, you can embed the TV in the sliding door closet, pull the door open when you see it, and close the door when you don't see it.

2, green plants full of garden

Placing some green plants at home not only adds more anger, but also plays a role in purifying the air. It is known that when photosynthesis is carried out, plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. In dark conditions, the opposite is true. Therefore, the plants in the bedroom should not be placed too much, so as not to cause excessive carbon dioxide in the evening to affect breathing and sleep.

3, the bathroom in the bedroom

Now a lot of bigger bedrooms will have a bathroom, which not only facilitates the bedroom owner but also facilitates the everyday needs of the occupants of the house. When you think about the cold winter nights, you can solve the problem of how “physiological needs” are awkward without going out of your bedroom. However, the odor emitted in the bathroom can be difficult to avoid, and the wet environment is somewhat uncomfortable. Moreover, many of the main guards did not install windows. Most of them were just small vents. The moisture in the bathroom accidentally “slipped” into the bedroom.

4, hairy dolls on the pillow side

Many people like to hold plush toys when they are sleeping. However, if they happen to encounter poor quality plush toys, not only can not get a good night's sleep will also affect the health. Even if it is a good-quality hair doll, it will be a long time for bacteria to become a resting place because of external pollution. Therefore, if you can, do not put a plush toy on the bedside.

5, on the bedroom aquarium

Some people even put the aquarium in the bedroom, which is actually very bad. If it is an aquarium, the aquarium is much larger than the aquarium and naturally emits much more water vapor, which increases the humidity in the bedroom and makes it more likely to breed mold. Moreover, the noise generated by the aquarium pump operation will also affect the sleep.

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Perforated Metal Mesh, (also named Perforated Sheet, Perforated Metal) refers to the metal sheet products with various different holes on the surface. There are many kinds of punching wire mesh products. Different shapes, different sizes of holes, can adapt to different needs. 

Material: Stainless steel, low carbon steel plate, galvanized, PVC, cold rolled coil, etc.

The types: pattern perforated sheet, forming perforated plate, extra thick punching net, ultra thin punching mesh, micro porous perforated sheet metal, wire cutting punching net, Laser punching net, etc.

Shape of Hole: Rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle hole, long round hole, long waist hole, plum blossom hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, five pointed hole, irregular hole, bulge hole, etc.

Use: Sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and wall of buildings; Exquisite decorative board for building staircase, balcony, environmental protection desk and chair; Machinery and equipment protection cover, grille gorgeous, food, feed, mine mill sieve, sieve screen, I-beam, stainless steel kitchen equipment, food cover, blue fruit and other kitchen utensils, and shopping malls with shelves, exhibition decoration, ventilation network for grain depot, football turf seepage water filter and so on.

Size: 1.Thickness of coil: 0.2mm-1mm; Length: 20m

2. Diameter of hole: 1.5mm-10mm

3. Thickness of plate: 0.2mm-20mm;Width*Length≤1.5m*5m

4. Diameter of hole: 0.5mm-200mm

Hole diameter:

Generally speaking, the aperture size is approximately greater than or equal to the thickness of the plate, which is in accordance with the principle of minimum pore diameter. The closer the diameter of the hole to the thickness of the sheet, the greater the difficulty of processing and the higher the processing fee.. In some raw materials, the hole size can be less than the thickness of the plate.


The pitch is the distance between the middle of a hole and the other one, the nearest hole in it. The middle distance is a way to represent the interval between holes, and the other is the rate of opening. The essential meaning of the two representations is the same. So you just need to identify one of them.
        Arrangement of holes: (detailed picture explanation)
       We can make all kinds of difficult passes and patterns. Although special requirements for pass and pattern require a specified processing fee, the quotation for the usual pass is quite reasonable.

(1) 60 degree staggered row 
             60 degree staggered row   is one of the most popular choices with its natural high strength and wide aperture ratio and attractive appearance
        (2) 45 degree staggered row

     Compared with the former, the 45 degree plum blossom provides another choice for people.
         (3) Straight Row

      Another kind of round hole placement is straight row, straight row can also have a variety of holes and opening rate, but it is the hole in the series of the worst compressive strength.


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