You should think about how to be environmentally friendly

One thing that persists throughout the entire home renovation process is the renovation of the environment. The property market is very hot, and more and more people are decorating the house. The problems brought about by the decoration pollution are frequent, so that people have to think badly about how to reduce the harm caused by decoration pollution while guaranteeing the quality of decoration. Therefore, Xiao Bian also took everyone to think about the environmental protection solution.

Decoration construction: correct construction, strict and serious

First of all, there must be strict requirements on the construction process to ensure the correct construction methods and construction sequence. For example, after the cutting of the sheet, the edge-sealing treatment shall be performed in time; the brushing oil of the wooden product shall be complete, and it is better not to miss the brush; the local decoration shall be promptly subjected to pollution prevention and control, and the release of harmful gases shall be minimized.

In addition, home building materials stores must also strictly control the selection of products and purchase channels, strictly implement the national standards on hazardous materials for interior decoration materials, earnestly implement the product access system, ensure that the sales of the stores are green compliance products, will be unqualified Products are rejected, providing consumers with a safe, secure consumer environment.

Decoration materials: environmental protection qualified, refused to pollute

Decoration materials are an indispensable element of the renovation project and an important part of environmental protection decoration. When selecting decoration materials, besides strict quality control, environmental performance should be carefully identified.

When consumers purchase decorative materials, they should require sales personnel to issue a national mandatory product quality inspection report. The environmental protection indicators that different products need to focus on are also different. For example, panel furniture focuses on formaldehyde detection reports, solid wood furniture focuses on benzene inspection reports, solvent-based wood coatings, and adhesives focus on benzene and VOC inspection reports.

Decoration design: consider local conditions, consider fully

Even if the decoration materials used in the decoration test are all in compliance with the relevant national environmental protection standards, it is still possible that the amount of pollutants in the indoor air will exceed the standard after superimposed use. Therefore, we must consider the optimal amount of decoration materials within the housing unit area in the design, and also consider the additive effect of formaldehyde release from furniture, flooring and other products.

Home Furniture: Qualified, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

Many times the pollution in the home is not all from the decoration construction. The furniture we purchased can be the accomplice of the decoration pollution. Therefore, do not ignore the furniture during the renovation.

Under the premise of ensuring the decoration process, consumers must purchase in the formal market or supermarket when purchasing building materials and furniture. At the time of purchase, look for products with a health certification mark, and ask the dealer for a test report that meets the standards, read the product name, hazardous substance limits, grades, etc., and then purchase it, so as to avoid the environmental quality of the furniture or the main material. The indoor environment caused by the house was later polluted.

Wall Wallpaper: Harmony and Match, Protecting the Environment

During the renovation process, the use of wallpaper is certain, so how to choose environmentally friendly and healthy wallpaper?

Try to avoid using simple, colorful materials. A single material can not be effectively matched with the indoor environment, and it easily leads to bad mood. The colorful materials and chemical substances contained in the material are more harmful to the human body.

Environmental Testing: Obtaining Data, Making Plans

Environmentally-friendly decoration materials do not mean that the indoor environment is up to standard. After all, even if all the materials are environmentally-friendly decoration materials, after the mixture is used, the quantitative changes bring about qualitative changes, and indoor pollution is still inevitable. If you want to have a healthier environment, you may want to ask a specialized agency to check the treatment and then develop a plan.

In order to be environmentally friendly, it is not simply to protect the construction process. It is possible to choose environmentally-friendly materials. It needs a lot of linkages to make overall considerations for the decoration. Therefore, don't let go of every detail that you may cause to decorate the pollution. Solve these problems. Is the environmental protection decoration still far behind?

New home environmental protection

Graphite Electrode, mainly in petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal tar pitch as a binder, calcined, ingredients, mixed kneading, pressure, roasting, graphitization, machining and made in the arc furnace in the form of arc The energy can be divided into ordinary power Graphite electrode, High Power Graphite Electrode and Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode according to its quality index.

Graphite electrode transport

1, graphite electrode in the long-distance transport to be covered with anti-rain Pengbu.

2, with lifting machinery unloading wooden box packaging electrodes, you must use the wire rope, not directly hook the electrode steel packing belt for lifting.

3, in order to protect the electrode end and thread, not directly with hook hook electrode hole hanging electrode.

4, loading and unloading joints box, you should gently take to prevent damage to the thread.

 Second, the graphite electrode storage

1, the electrode should be stored in a clean, dry place; temporarily do not use the electrode and connector, do not remove the packaging, to prevent dust, debris fall into the thread or electrode hole, affecting product docking accuracy.

2, open field stacking electrodes, must be covered with rain pants. In the case of

3, the electrode in the Treasury storage to be placed neatly, the electrode stack on both sides to pad well, to prevent the cartoons.

4, bulk electrode stacking height is usually not more than 2.8 meters, the height of the box electrode should not be more than 4 layers.

5, the temperature of the place where the joints should be stored should not be too high to prevent the asphaltene joint bolt melting.

Third, the graphite electrode connection operation

 1, by the wet electrode, before use to dry.

 2, remove the spare electrode hole on the foam protective cap, check the electrode hole thread is complete.

 3, with no oil and water compressed air cleaning spare electrode surface and hole thread; to avoid the use of wire or metal brush cloth cleaning.

 4. Do not touch the threads in the electrode holes where the joint is carefully screwed into one end of the backup electrode (it is not recommended to insert the connector directly into the electrode that is replaced on the furnace).

 5, the electrode spreader (recommended the use of graphite material spreader) screw into the other side of the electrode electrode electrode hole.

 6, lifting the electrode, the mat soft objects to the bottom of the alternate electrode assembly to prevent the ground to break the joints; with a hook into the spreader after the lifting ring, lifting the electrode to be smooth, to prevent the electrode from the B-loose Off or collide with other fixtures.

 7, the spare electrode hanging to the top of the electrode to be connected to the electrode hole slowly after the fall; rotating the backup electrode, so that the screw hook and the electrode with the rotation down; in the two electrode end distance 10-20mm, again with compressed air Clean the two ends of the electrode and the exposed parts of the joint; in the final complete discharge of the electrode, not too much, or because of violent collision, will lead to electrode holes and joints of the thread damage.

8. Tighten the backup electrode with a torque wrench until the ends of the two electrodes are in close contact (the correct connection of the electrode and the connector is less than 0.05 mm).

Fourth, the graphite electrode in the use of the precautions

1, the electrode holder should be caught in the top of the cord outside the cordon, otherwise easily lead to electrode break. The contact surface of the gripper and the electrode should always be cleaned to maintain good contact with the electrode, and the gripper cooling water jacket should be kept leaking. In the case of

2, the electrode connection found cracks exist to identify the cause, to eliminate the gap before use.

3, connecting the electrode, found that the phenomenon of joint peeling off, to fill the joints and then connect the bolt.

4, the electrode should be used vertically, to avoid tilting operation, in particular, can not be connected to a group of electrodes placed horizontally, so as not to break.

5, to the furnace into the charge, the bulk material should be installed near the bottom of the furnace to reduce the collapse of the large pieces of charge impact electrode.

6, smelting, should avoid a large number of insulation material stacked in the electrode just below, so as not to affect the use of electrodes, or even electrode break.

7, the electrode in the rise or fall, should avoid touching the lid, resulting in electrode damage.

· 8, in the smelting site, to avoid slag splashing to the site of the electrode or connector threaded buckle, damage the thread accuracy.



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Graphite Electrode

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