Epoxy floor selection method

In order to help customers who use floor decorative paint to correctly choose the type of floor and effectively control the construction cost, we suggest that customers should start with the following factors:
1. The main requirements for mechanical performance are as follows:
1 Abrasion resistance: What vehicles will the floor use when it is used?
2 Pressure resistance: How much load will the floor bear during use?
3 impact resistance: whether the impact will cause the ground surface peeling?
2. The chemical performance requirements mainly consider the following two aspects:
1 Acid and alkali resistance: The type and concentration of corrosive chemicals used during use.
2 solvent resistance: the type of solvent used and the contact time.
3. Floor position status Based on whether the floor is on the ground floor or on the ground floor, is it necessary to determine whether moisture treatment or special moisture-proof floor is required?
4. Base condition 1 base strength: General requirements compressive strength ≥ 20Mpa
2 Flatness: Does it need to be repaired with epoxy mortar?
5. Aesthetic requirements 1 Color requirements: Does it require color division?
2 brightness requirements: is to choose matte or light?
3 Flatness requirements: Is there a requirement for the flatness of the floor?
6. Fire protection and anti-static In some occasions, there is a need for floors.
7. The cost budget chooses the appropriate floor type and thickness according to the budget.
8. Safety requirements If the floor is in an oily environment or on a ramp, you need to choose a non-slip floor.

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