Home Improvement: How to Choose Satisfactory Tiles

In the decoration process, many owners encountered the same problem, that is, do not know how to choose their own satisfaction with the tiles, but they do not understand, I am afraid that people are "calculated", this can be how to do it? Don't worry, today Xiaobian will teach you some tips for picking tiles.

To determine the style of the first selection of tiles must first determine your favorite style. When purchasing floor tiles, we must first consider the overall style of the space where we are, that is, the style of home decoration. Nowadays, many styles are popular on the market, such as Chinese style, Mediterranean sunshine style, European country style, Oriental rustic style, etc. It is more popular in recent years. Home renovation also uses sanitary ware, lamps, curtains, cabinets, doors and windows, paints and Other materials and accessories. The style of these things needs to be coordinated. After determining the style of these household items, it is necessary to determine the approximate color tone of the tiles. Pay attention to consider some of your own personalized needs, such as the structure of family members such as the elderly and children. Safety should also be noted. If there are elderly people at home, it is best to choose non-slip tiles, which can prevent the elderly from falling down.

Tiles are generally divided into two major categories, vitrified tiles and glazed tiles, now commonly known as antique tiles are mostly referred to glazed tiles. Do not listen to the porcelain or water absorption of the business statement, as long as the national standards, for home use, there is no difference. However, in determining the style, you can also choose your own trusted brand tiles.

Then determine the size of the living room before determining the specifications and specifications. Do not blindly pursue the large-size floor tiles. In general, a size of 450mm x 450mm is recommended for a size of 30 square meters or less, and a size of 600mm x 600mm is recommended for a size of 30 square meters or more. . When choosing a tile, you must also consider the actual area that you can see after your house is finished. If the visual area is small after putting on the furniture, and the size of the tiles is too large, it seems uncoordinated. In addition, we must pay attention to the building modulus of the house, try not to cut bricks or cut bricks. The noise pollution during the construction of the community is very serious. This must also be noted.

The final course is to pay attention to the price, and sometimes it is not cheap to pay attention to the quality of the tile without paying attention to the price of the tile. We must know that the ceramic tile is not often replaced. Therefore, when the owner buys more investment plans, the walls and the ground are like the skin of the home space. Its quality and grade directly determine the quality of the home. When the skin of the home becomes artistic, the quality of the home is also correspondingly improved. Tiles are durable goods in the home. They can't be replaced if you want to change them. This money should not be saved. The same series of tiles, the smaller the size, the higher the price, but the installation loss is correspondingly smaller. Sometimes it is also possible for merchants to put out tile maps to reduce installation losses.

Finally, the quality of the quality ceramic tile selection is the focus of the renovation, if the quality is not only closed but will not only bring trouble to the decoration, but also affect the owner's life, so when selecting the quality of tiles can not be sloppy. If you see the tile color uniformity, surface finish and smoothness, peripheral rules, patterns intact, pull out four or five pieces from a box to see no color defects, deformation, missing corners and other defects, under normal circumstances these tiles are quality Nice. Then listen to the sound and hit the tile with a hard object. The crisper the sound, the higher the porcelainity and the better the quality.

You can also use your left thumb, forefinger and middle finger to clip a corner of the tile, easily hang it down, and tap the lower part of the tile with your right index finger. If the voice is clear and sweet, it is a good quality tile. If the sound is boring and the turbidity is poor quality tiles. Sometimes it is also possible to use water droplets to test the density of the tiles. First drop the water droplets on the back of the tiles to see how quickly the water spreads out. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile; Fast, indicating that the density is sparse, the former is excellent in its intrinsic quality, and these methods allow the owner to select a good tile for quality clearance.

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