Quantum superposition states hold record

Oxford University of the United Kingdom announced on June 8 that an international team of researchers from the school has increased the quantum time of quantum superposition in silicon wafers by hundreds of times. This progress will help develop quantum computers.

The quantum superposition state is a strange state that is inconsistent with people's usual life experience. Particles in this state can appear at two different places at a time. This state can be used to store information and develop quantum computers that are much more powerful than traditional computers.

The quantum superposition state obtained in the laboratory in the past can only be maintained for a short period of time. This research team reported in 2008 that the quantum superposition state can be maintained in silicon wafers for 1.75 seconds, creating a record at that time.

The team reported in a new issue of the US "Science" magazine that the use of high-purity silicon can maintain a quantum superposition state for 192 seconds, a hundredfold increase over the original record.

This substantial increase in time will help develop quantum computers. John Morton, an Oxford University researcher, pointed out that this long-time quantum superposition state is obtained in silicon wafers, which are the basic materials of traditional computers. In the future, it may be possible to combine traditional computers with quantum computers as traditional ones. Silicon chip plus a "quantum heart." (Reporter: Huang Xin)

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