Bathroom mosaic matching skills

Mosaics are often used in bathroom decoration. There are many mosaic colors and styles. How to match them more perfectly, we must follow some rules:

The bathroom is a place where people release stress and enjoy a relaxed and peaceful space. Therefore, the color of the mosaic in the bathroom should not be too strong and jump, otherwise people will feel depressed or bring emotional fluctuations, so experts suggest that the mosaic tiles laid in the bathroom should be chosen. The color of the calm and peaceful, and the color does not have a large contrast color, there must be a distinction between primary and secondary.

If the bathroom area is too small, whether it is transparent or not also determines the choice of mosaic tiles. Usually the larger bathroom is suitable for the magnificent mosaic tile pattern. Striped mosaics such as waterfalls are ideal for bathrooms with bright spaces. For smaller bathroom spaces, choose a light color as much as possible to avoid overcrowding in the bathroom. At the same time, the choice of small patterns can also add some aura to small bathrooms, to make up for the weakness of the relatively small lighting and ventilation of small bathrooms.

In addition to mosaic color selection and style collage, you can't ignore the harmonious combination of mosaic and floor, bathroom products and accessories. In general, the dark mosaic bathroom space should be accompanied by a bathroom that is easy and bright in color. For example, it can be matched with white bathroom products, and the color of the jewelry can be relatively jumped, which can increase the lively and agile atmosphere in the room.

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