Nan'an, Fujian: vigorously promote the "second startup" of stone enterprises

The newly renovated Wuliqiao Cultural Park in Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, surrounded by green trees and clear waters, many residents exercise here. It is hard to imagine that here a few years ago, there was a shoal of sewage and garbage. In recent years, Shuitou has been paying attention to environmental protection and vigorously promoted the “secondary venture” of local stone enterprises, and is committed to building a modern new city that is suitable for living and working. This is a vivid epitome of Nanan’s promotion of the five major campaigns and the “second venture” of private enterprises. As a strong industrial city in Fujian Province, Nan'an is famous for its stone ceramics, plumbing kitchen and bathroom, shoes and clothing, textile machinery and other industries. However, in recent years, these industries have frequently encountered development bottlenecks such as extensive expansion, high energy consumption, high pollution, and low profit margins. The city decided to take advantage of the five major battles as an opportunity to start promoting the “secondary venture” of private enterprises. The reporter learned from the Nan'an Development and Reform Bureau that around the "Secondary Entrepreneurship", 398 projects in five major battles were implemented in Nanan this year, with a total investment of 117.3 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 26.9 billion yuan. In view of the extensive status of traditional industries, Nanan adheres to the development of recyclable ideas, accelerates the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries, fosters high-tech industries, and builds a modern industrial system with balanced development, structural optimization, high-end environmental protection and technology leadership. According to statistics, under the continuous promotion of innovation and development, only last year, Nanan City has added 19 national science and technology projects, 17 provincial-level independent innovation products, 9 high-tech enterprises and Quanzhou industry (enterprise) technology centers and engineering technology centers. The number of patent applications and authorized quantities ranks among the top in the province. It ranks among the top ten counties in China's trademark development and the province's intellectual property market. The participation system (repair) sets 28 standards (times), including stone and plumbing. Many companies in the industry have also become national standards and industry standard setters. Policies and mechanisms are guarantees. At the beginning of the year, Nan'an City issued a number of "Opinions on Promoting the Second Entrepreneurship of Private Enterprises", which pointed out the direction for private enterprises to "secondary entrepreneurship." In terms of project approval, the city further improved the pre-examination method, accelerated the progress of examination and approval, and took the initiative to undertake the decentralization of the examination and approval authority of 204 provinces and Quanzhou, and cumulatively compressed 30 examination and approval projects for 162 working days to effectively improve the efficiency of examination and approval. In addition, it has also established a "four-one" work law mechanism to achieve "one week inspection, January one notification, one quarter one dispatch, one year one assessment"; establish "two office supervision room", effectiveness office The key joint supervision mechanism of the key offices and the campaign offices will speed up the construction of the five major campaigns.

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