Gear pump instructions for use

1, the gear pump voltage voltage does not exceed the provisions of the voltage on the pump nameplate ± 10% before use. 2, how to equip the gear pump out of the box according to the structural diagram of the assembly, connected to the motor (1) and immediately connected to the phone (2) so that the pump body and motor as a whole (3) connected to the outlet tube 3, gear pump Before checking the appearance of various components in order to boot. 4, gear pump should not be empty running, use, the suction is completed, that is, stop the pump, otherwise it will speed up impeller seals bearing wear. May also wear pump tube, the pump motor idling speed of up to 10000 rev / min. 5, the gear pump timely exchange of brushes, brush wear will not be able to use, must be promptly replaced (2 brush at the same time exchange) Otherwise it will brush and commutator bad ring damage, damage commutator, severely punished Will burn out the armature. 6, the gear pump shall not be used in the following circumstances, such as found in the course of the insulation damage, power line cable jacket rupture, plug or socket cracking or poor contact, and intermittent operation, the serious punishment sparks and other failures, the motor shell operation Should be repaired immediately. Do not use before repair. 7, gear pump to prevent overload, when used in case of abnormal speed or lower speed, should stop to check whether there are debris stuck impeller or motor failure, pumping pump brake must be cut off immediately because of an accident 8, gear pump Use tools to cherish, all pumping pump to be careful to avoid being hit.

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