Balcony decoration note side wall weight can not knock

The balcony plays a very important role in modern home life. It not only provides people with laundry drying conditions, but also connects indoor and outdoor communication. Therefore, people also put a lot of effort on the balcony during the renovation. However, many people have neglected the notice of the balcony decoration , once the quality problems, the consequences could be disastrous.

Balcony decoration notes 1, balcony load-bearing

The balcony is an extension of the interior, so its load-bearing capacity is much weaker than that of the interior, and it is necessary to minimize the amount of heavy furniture or too bulky decorative materials.

The balcony decoration notes 2, the wall can not knock

The side wall of the balcony acts as a load bearing and windproof. It cannot be knocked or opened at will, otherwise it will cause danger to the entire building. At least the consent of the property company is also required.


Balcony decoration note 3, balcony material selection

The balcony generally chooses materials with good waterproof properties. The material of the window sill is best made of stone. Stone is more waterproof than wood, and it is not easy to be corroded by long-term sunlight. Wooden furniture is simple and natural, metal furniture is relatively better than fashion sense, but also more able to withstand the wind and sun, is a good choice. The external decoration of the open balcony should also fully consider the issue of waterproofing, otherwise the wall will fade or the tiles will fall off.

Balcony decoration notes 4, balcony package

The packaging quality of the balcony is everything. If you compare the aluminum windows on the balcony with the equivalent doors and windows on the walls, it is clear that the former requires much higher quality than the latter. Because the balcony is volleyed on three sides, the wind is blown on several sides, and its force is much larger than ordinary windows.

In addition, many balconies were designed without regard to the future packaging of the balcony. At the top of the balcony and the guardrail, there was no place for the sash to 'settle in'. Therefore, accidents can be easily caused by poor installation. If the balcony is not well sealed, it will leak in the cold winter, so that the indoor temperature will decrease; if it hits a windy day, it will get a lot of dust into the room; the most troubling is that every time it rains, the seal is not strict The sash also leaks, wetting the things on the balcony. Therefore, the quality of the balcony packaging project is crucial.


Balcony decoration notes 5, balcony waterproof

The waterproofing here consists of two parts, one being the waterproofing of the balcony window. In the south, the construction technology of the balcony windows will enable the family to survive the typhoon. Waterproof balcony window, to re-window quality, sealing is better. Do not make mistakes in the outward direction of the waterproof box.

Another waterproof refers to the waterproof of the balcony floor. The waterproofing of the balcony floor is to ensure that the ground has a slope. The lower side is a drain outlet. There is also a need to ensure that the balcony and the living room have at least a 2-3 cm difference in height.

Balcony decoration notes 6, balcony insulation

Decoration balcony should pay attention to insulation, there is a balcony in the balcony doors and windows can play a role in thermal insulation. However, many people now dismantle this door and window.

You can consider using polystyrene board as the insulation layer below the balcony window, or you can consider using rock wool as the insulation layer below the balcony window, and use the insulation material to form the insulation layer of the balcony wall, and cut off the indoor and outdoor heat and heat The exchange of air.


Balcony decoration notes 7, balcony lighting to waterproof

If the balcony is not sealed, the installation of ceiling lights or wall lights should also pay attention to waterproof. The first thing to do is to choose waterproof fixtures that can be waterproof, and secondly, to avoid rainwater. If the lamp is exposed to rain, the service life will be shortened, and more serious is the risk of electric leakage.

The above is about the introduction of the balcony decoration notes , I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about the toilet collection knowledge, please pay attention to this website decoration information channel.


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