Interior furniture mainly made of furniture

1. Particleboard: It is a kind of man-made wood that is processed into a certain shape and size of wood shavings by processing wood residue, cutting residue, small diameter material, or non-wood plant fiber material, and then added with glue (or without glue). Plates. Its advantages are: According to the need to be able to be processed into different thin, large-format sheet, dimensional stability, static bending strength and high three-dimensional thrust strength, with good mechanical processing and decorative appearance, the price is also cheap. The problems are: rough edges, easy moisture absorption and deformation, as well as causing edge shavings off, affecting the quality of the processing; water absorption, thin expansion rate, low holding power, fasteners should not be repeatedly assembled; volume sink higher than wood Therefore, the manufactured furniture is heavy, and the transverse members are easily deformed.

2. Medium-dilute fiberboard: It is made of wood or non-wood fiber-based material, which is made of fibers, sizing, boring, slab loading, and warm pressing. Its advantages are: in addition to the need to be processed into different thickness, large-format sheet metal, easy processing and other excellent surface, the convex is that the internal structure of the sheet is average, easy to milling edge and carving, fine sheet can be directly painted, plate surface Smooth lubrication, can be affixed to thin decorative paper, thin wood, etc., its bending strength, anti-pull strength are greater than particleboard, but the price is higher than particleboard. The problems are: the dark color on the board surface makes the furniture heavy, and the cross-members are subject to creep and sagging.

3. Plywood: It is a wood-based panel material made up of odd-numbered veneers with adjacent fiber backs perpendicular to each other, followed by coating, assembly, and hot pressing. The plywood's force-teaching performance is good, the use of lunch is convenient, and the dimensional fluctuation is good. However, the price of multi-layer plywood is high, and plywood with a thickness of 2.7 mm, 3 mm, or 5 mm is often used for interior decoration as a negative plate, a drawer panel, or a manufacturing panel.

4. Blockboard: It is a self-made board made from small wood strips and two sides of each board. It is characterized by high strength, good dimensional stability, good nail holding power, easy processing, and suitable for solid wood. The water absorption thinness expansion rate is far less than that of medium-thinness fiberboard and particleboard, and the price is higher.

5, cover panel: divided into real mouth and empty cover panel, real core cover panel is particle board, blockboard, medium dilute fiberboard, small wood puzzle, scrap pieces of self-made panels, wood and other substrates, Covering materials such as thin wood, printed wood grain decorative paper, polyvinyl chloride film, etc.

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