Do entrepreneurs make smart locks with big profits?

As we all know, the market size of smart locks is expanding year by year. As entrepreneurs, they all want to seize opportunities when they see this huge cake. As a new high-tech product, entrepreneurs also have a worry that consumers can be smart. Pay for the lock? Do the profits of smart locks? This article Xiaobian analyzes the profit space for smart locks.

Do entrepreneurs make smart locks with big profits?

First of all, entrepreneurs want to do smart lock this business, we must first open a store. In the issue of opening a store, many entrepreneurs are cautious, always afraid of excessive investment, profit is too small, and finally lose money.

In fact, opening a smart lock store, investment is not much, the specific investment range: first-tier cities 40-50 million; second-tier cities 30-40 million; third-tier cities 20-30 million; this is an area of ​​100 square meters To count, including all expenses.


After entrepreneurs have opened smart lock stores, they can use their personal resources to sell smart locks. As for the specific profits of smart locks, for smart lock products under 2,000 yuan, the profit can reach about 30%, the price of smart lock products from 3,000 to 5,000, the profit can reach 35% to 40%, and the price of more than 5,000 yuan Smart lock products have greater profits. So, in general, the profit space of smart locks is very large. The sales volume of smart lock products with low prices will be a little better, but the profits will be relatively lower. However, the profits are still small and profitable. Overall, the profits are still huge. .

Once again, you can understand how the smart lock's profits are:

To sell 1000 smart locks a year, for example, the price of each smart lock is about 3,000 yuan, and the profit of each smart lock is 35%. The profit of a smart lock is 1050 yuan. It sells 1,000 yuan a year. The smart lock, gross profit can reach 1.05 million, remove the store's investment, including the initial fee and purchase costs, franchisees still have hundreds of thousands of net profit, so open a smart lock store, do smart lock business for about a year You can return to this and make money.

In summary, the profits of entrepreneurs who make smart locks are huge, and they are very good entrepreneurial choices for entrepreneurs.

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