Open-plan study how to design the advantages and disadvantages of open-plan study

In recent years, open-style dress has been favored by more and more users. At the same time, it has become a trend of more popular bedroom decoration. Coupled with the increasing pressure on housing prices, housing has been limited by the area, it is difficult to have excess The space is practical as a separate study room, but the study room is an indispensable functional space in the home. Not only is work or child learning, but also an independent place. Therefore, the open study room is a new design method that responds to the situation. How to design an open study ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

How to design an open study

1, pay attention to the integrity of the decoration

For this type of living room, it is not an independent place. It is not a separate room. It is a space separated by some utensils or decorations. Therefore, for such a study room, its decoration style is not. It cannot be a special country, it must be consistent with the family's overall decoration style, so as to form an overall style and look more coordinated.

2, pay attention to the choice of study furniture

In most of the open reading areas, there is a clear view of the choice of utensils. Try to use an open-style bookcase that is custom-made as much as possible so that it can be more atmospheric and stylish, and if it is in a larger bedroom, separate A space as an open study, then the size of the bookcase determines the overall effect of this study, so the choice of furniture is a key point.

3, grasp the versatility of furniture

For this area of ​​equipment, it should grasp its versatility, such as bookcases, not only as a place to put books, but also should be used as a versatility, for example, can be used as a showcase, can As a booth, etc., the integrity of the bookcase is reflected.

4, the choice of open study location

It is best to choose a place with better lighting, such as close to the window, but for desk placement, be sure to consider the angle of light when writing, but also to avoid the glare of the computer screen.

The open study is good

First, the advantages of open study

This type of reading room fulfills the requirements of homeowners' personalization and meets basic learning and office needs in a small area. Therefore, it is deeply loved by the majority of young people. In addition, the open-reading library is more functional and looks good. Practical, it can save space, and can make full use of every space in the study, compared with the closed study has a more sophisticated design effect.

Second, the shortcomings of the open study

Since this area is separated from other living rooms, it will be affected at work or during reading. It is not conducive to the user's concentration of energy and results in reduced work efficiency. In addition, the open study area has certain limitations. As a result, the size of the furniture has also been limited. For example, bookcases and desks should be as large and small as possible and have a strong storage function.

Summary: The article is about how to open study design knowledge to explain, I believe many people on how to open study design already have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult small series.

Open-plan study decoration

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