Huajing Poverty Alleviation Practices Social Responsibility

Abstract In response to the call of the national poverty alleviation, August 2, 2017, Huajing Secretary of general Party branch, the executive branch and head of Xingyang Standing Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary of the party in this election came together Xingyang Cui Miao Zhen border village Party branch, on behalf of the company I sent rice, noodles, oil and clothes to the local villagers...
In response to the national call for poverty alleviation, on August 2, 2017, the party branch of Huajing Company and the head of the administrative department and the party secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Committee and the party secretary of the Political and Legal Committee came to the party branch of Jiegou Village, Cuimiao Town, Fuyang City. The local villagers sent rice, noodles, oil and clothes.
In August, Jiegou Village was full of vitality. The administrative department of Huajing Company handed over the clothes donated by Huajing employees and the daily necessities purchased to the party branch of Jiegou Village, and expressed cordial condolences to the local villagers.
Later, the relevant person in charge of the company and Lu Benqiang, secretary of the party branch of Jiegou Village, and other relevant personnel sat around to have a detailed communication on the participation of enterprises in the poverty-stricken village.
This love donation is another action of Huajing Company to practice the enterprise spirit and public welfare concept of “doing something for others and doing something for the society”, and building and building “public welfare Huajing”. In the future, Huajing Company and the Party Branch will actively practice social responsibility, dedication and love, and go deep into the masses of the masses to make due contributions to building a harmonious society.

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