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Nowadays, most users are more and more pursuing personalization. Therefore, many home appliances are customized, not only to make them more comfortable, but also to look more beautiful overall. For example, the cabinet owners in the kitchen are choosing customized owners. The more, in addition to the so-called popular, but also can make the kitchen space utilization is guaranteed, but you know? There is also a lot of trickery when customizing cabinets, so friends should pay special attention when customizing. What are the precautions for stainless steel cabinet customization ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

Stainless steel cabinet custom notes

1, the thickness of the cabinet plate

When customizing, the value of the thickness of the cabinet board must be checked whether it reaches 16~18mm. The service life of this type of product can be more than doubled, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the door panel from deforming and cracking the countertop.

2, whether the independent cabinet

Generally speaking, the entire set of cabinets will affect its stability, compared to the stand-alone style, its use life and stability will be much worse, but the cost is not much difference, in addition to the individual cabinet assembly of each cabinet The cabinets should be individually packaged and easily identified in front of the cabinet installation station.

3, assembling method

Assembling method is also a part that can not be neglected. Generally speaking, some small factories or handmade on-site are mostly connected with screw rivets or adhesives, and many of today's box rods and stiffeners can be installed more effectively to ensure that the box The body's firmness and endurance make it more environmentally friendly.

4, single back or double back cover

In order to maximize the savings, some manufacturers only carry out single-sided sealing of the backboard of the cabinet, while the ones that are usually not visible are bare, but do you know? After the single-sided sealing, the backboard is easy to be damp and moldy, and it is also easy to release formaldehyde and cause pollution. Therefore, it must be clear whether the double-sided seal is adopted.

Custom stainless steel cabinets are expensive

1, size

When customizing, it will inevitably involve the product's specifications and area issues. At this time, it should be based on the actual needs of the home to make their own stainless steel cabinets, and the price is generally based on the market positioning, market prices are mostly one overall About 300 yuan cabinet.

2, brand

Of course, the brand is also a part that can not be ignored. If you want a cabinet that has personality and long-lasting use, branding is needed as a strong backing. However, there will not be too much leeway for consumers in terms of price. Positioning will be more expensive, but worth it.

3, material

The pros and cons of the material need to be based on its solidity. In general, the materials used to customize such cabinets are materials with certain standards. If consumers purchase inferior products, they will inevitably encounter each other in later use. This kind of quality problem, so must not be coveted and cheap, buy inferior products.

Summary: The above is about the stainless steel cabinet custom attention to the content of the introduction, I believe that most users of stainless steel cabinet custom precautions have been further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Custom stainless steel cabinets

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